Top 10 Best Glass Ashcatchers of 2024

By Sean Geng in 2024

Ash catchers have changed the glass game.

Just when you thought perc bongs couldn't get any cooler, present: the ash catcher.

These water pipe add-ons attach at the joint where you'd normally insert your bowl slide. Ashcatchers come in a variety of shapes and sizes--just make sure you choose a size that suits your pipe!

Why opt for an ash catcher on your bong?

  • To keep your pipe and percolators clean
  • To add extra water filtration for ahh-worthy inhales
  • To add perc power in an attachment that's easier to clean than when it's inside your water pipe

Not to mention--ash catchers certainly make an impression! Ash catchers can turn a pipe's aesthetic into a work of art of a scientific experiment. They're a great way to try out cool new percs and features (like glycerin chilling) without committing to them in a full-size piece.

2024 Top 10 Top Glass Ashcatchers

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