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Electronic Enail & E-Nails

What is an Enail?

An enail (electronic nail or electric dab nail) is a battery-powered device that can be attached to a dab rig banger and used to vaporize concentrates. Electronic nails offer many advantages over traditional butane dab torches, offering precise temperature control, greater safety, and consistent rips. No flame is needed!

Electronic Nails vs. Electric Dab Rigs

Electronic nails and electric dab rigs (e-rigs) are two different products. An enail is a versatile electronic dab tool you can attach to any non-electric (glass-made) dab rig to turn it into an advanced dabbing device.

In contrast, an e-rig is a single unit with a carb cap and built-in enail. While e-rigs are simpler and more portable, they generally have fewer customization options, making their parts challenging to dismantle and replace on breakage. You may see some e-rigs also referenced as enails: this typically only references the enail component in their features.

How Enails Work

An electronic nail kit comprises four major parts:

  • Control box
  • Heating element
  • Power source
  • Nail

The control box provides a temperature adjustment interface and display screen. You can use it to adjust the temperature to your preference.

The heating element, made from a metallic or ceramic coil, heats the nail to the set temperature for optimal vaporization.

Advantages of Using an Enail

Precise Temperature Control

An enail maintains a consistent temperature throughout the session and removes the hassle of gauging the temperature of every dab. Having such control allows for a carefree and highly customizable dabbing experience.

Improved Flavor

Exposing your concentrates to open fire can risk scorching and may burn up your concentrates. Enails heat the bowl evenly and ensure that your concentrate gets to express the nuance of its authentic flavor and aroma.

No Torch Required

Enails eliminate the hassle of dealing with a bulky blow torch and open fire, enhancing safety, increasing accessibility, and removing the need to continually buy more butane fuel.

What to Consider in an Enail

Nail Material

Enail inserts can have a titanium, ceramic, silicon carbide, or quartz build, and each material has pros and cons.

Titanium has excellent heat retention capability and durability, but it can disrupt the flavor of your dabs with a slight metallic taste. It’s also much more expensive than quartz and ceramic nail types.

Ceramic enail coils take longer to heat up, are more delicate, and require cleaning often. But they provide greater heat distribution and preserve the taste of your concentrates. These are comparatively cheaper.

Quartz heats rapidly, delivers excellent flavor, and provides even heat distribution. However, quartz, just like ceramic, is fragile and can crack up if handled roughly or exposed to extreme temperatures.

Being marked as a nail material with the highest heat retention capability, silicon carbide encompasses all qualities of being the best. It’s durable, can handle extreme temperatures, and preserves the flavor. The only drawback is that these types are scarce, the most expensive, and have limited designs in the market.

Nail Size

Not all electric nails are compatible with every dab rig and quartz banger. You can find nails of sizes 10mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, and 30mm. Some enail dab kits, like the Pulsar Elite Series Mini Enail Kit, come with universal-size nails that work with almost any rig! Make sure that the one you’re getting is compatible with yours.


Enails are pricey but a wise long-term investment, as they don’t demand an infinite supply of torch fuel. Their price point can vary based on the build material, design, and features. You can expect them to run you between $100 to $700, with most being in the $200s price range.

Cheaper options may have a slight offset on temperature readings, so if you want to make sure you’re dabbing at the ideal temp, it’s ideal to have a “terpometer” (a specialized thermometer made for measuring dab temperatures) at hand when using them for the first time.


Portable enails come with a battery, and desktop enails connect to the wall socket. Before buying one, know where and how you will use it.

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