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The Electronic Nail (also known as E-nail) is an essential accessory for dabbers who want to get the most of their concentrates. Electric nails remove a blue-hot torch from the equation in exchange for a heat generating coil, allowing dabbers to hit perfect temp dabs with little to no effort. Never again will you take dabs that are too hot or not hot enough. Electronic nails eliminate the tricky process of heating a nail and waiting for it to cool. Once your nail is up to your selected temp, you’re free to dab at your leisure until you turn off the nail. This makes multiple person dab seshes much smoother. You and your friends can now dab one after another without having to yell over a loud torch between hits.

Electronic nails alleviate the temperature and timing learning curve present in dabbing. If you’re not used to assessing heat with your hand, you should definitely consider an E-nail! Nothing is worse than hot dabs— they destroy your terpenes and don’t allow you to experience the full tastes and effects of your concentrates. Electronic nails allow dabbers to enjoy their concentrates without having to wait for ideal temperatures or deal with the stresses of a blow torch.

Galaxy E-Nail Quartz Infused All Ceramic Airway USA Made Enail

$ 349.00

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3 Color Options

Sesh Supply "Styx" Analog Universal E-Nail with Carb Cap

$ 160.00

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GlassGuard Eligible

Entropy Labs Electronic Titanium Nail - Enail

$ 299.00

Regular priceOn Sale $ 400.00

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The "Black Beauty" Electronic Nail Kit

$ 250.00

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GlassGuard Eligible



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