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A bowl (also known as a slide) is an essential part of every water pipe. These pieces sit within the joint of your water pipe and serve one important purpose: to hold the tobacco or loose leaf herb.

Bowls come in a variety of different sizes (10mm, 14mm, and 18mm) and can be either male or female. Knowing the joint size and gender of your water pipe is essential when purchasing a new slide, otherwise you may end up with a new bowl that is not compatible with your bong! For a thorough explanation of water pipe joint sizes and gender, head over to our Knowledge Base and check out this article.

Bowls are made using a variety of different glass blowing effects such as gold and silver fuming or marbles to create a unique aesthetic. Different shapes alter the size and depth of the bowl’s chamber—where you place your herbs for combustion.

Bigger and deeper bowls are suited for larger smoke seshes as they fit more herbs and prevent smokers from having to repack multiple times. Smaller bowls are ideal for single person smoke seshes where you may not need to repack. 

Check out Smoke Cartel’s collection of bowls if you’re looking for a new slide for your prized water pipe.

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