Vaporizers are one of the latest and greatest innovations the smoking industry has ever experienced. Vaporizers heat your favorite dry herb, dabs (waxes & oil - see dab pens) to an ideal temperature to convert your smoking materials for the smoothest possible inhale.

The mechanics behind a weed vape are meant to heat up your herbs or concentrates up just enough to enjoy the effects and flavors, but not enough to actually combust them. When combustion occurs, carcinogens and other toxins are released that are unhealthy to smokers and those around them, so vaporizers have gained lots of popularity for being a safer choice. Available in a variety of different styles with all manner of different heating elements, vapes use state-of-the-art technology to deliver a healthier smoking experience.

Weed Vape Shopping Tips

  • A vaporizer could be your go-to consumption devicethink carefully about which type best suits your lifestyle. We offer a variety of vaporizers for every budget and don't recommend skimping on a cheaper model if you're serious about vaping it could make all the difference in your experience.

  • Usually, a vaporizer is designed for use with just one type of material. The activation and combustion point differs depending on dry herb, wax, and e-liquids - so make sure you choose a vape that's suitable for the material you're using. Some vaporizers are hybrids and can be used for multiple different types of materials.

  • Many of our vaporizers are protected by the manufacturer's warrantybut most common issues can be resolved by simple upkeep. Remembering to clean your vaporizer and adequately charge it can go a long way towards the life-cycle of your vape pen.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a vaporizer work?

Vaporizers work by heating up your dry herbs or concentrates without burning them. By heating the material up gently without the use of a flame, it reduces the harmful effects caused by smoke and maximizes the effects. This vapor, when inhaled, is absorbed by the lungs and passes directly into the bloodstream, meaning the effects are felt almost immediately.

What is a vaporizer?

A vaporizer is an electronic smoking device that heats the substance you load it with until the substance becomes a vapor that can be inhaled. Vaporizers are commonly used with e-liquids, aromatherapy oils, cannabis concentrates, and dry herbs.

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