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Grinders are necessary tools for the frequent flower smoker. Whether you are rolling up, packing a bowl in your favorite bong, or loading up your spoon, a consistent grind is essential to a consistent smoke. Plus, grinders enable smokers to get the most out of their product. When pulling herb apart by hand, pollen and other plant matter can stick to your fingers, reducing its potency. When using a grinder, all of the plant matter is contained within the chamber. This allows smokers to enjoy the full potency of their herbs.

Usually constructed from aluminium, grinders possess a series of interlocking teeth that function to evenly break up your herbs and guide ground herbs into holes leading to the lower chamber. Some grinders even have multiple chambers with fine screens, allowing only potent pollen to fall through to the bottommost chamber for use at a later point. Grinders come in a variety of different sizes determined by their diameter. Larger grinders often have more teeth, allowing smokers to grind more product at once. Here at Smoke Cartel, we have a variety of grinders available in different sizes. If you’re looking for a straightforward two piece grinder, we’ve got you covered. Interested in a grinder crafted from aerospace-grade aluminium? Check out Phoenician Grinders.

Kraken Grinders - 2-Part Dispenser Grinder

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Smoke Cartel Medium 2.2" 4-Piece Grinder

$ 24.00

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Kraken Grinders - 2.5" 4-Piece or 2.2" 4-piece Diamond Ridge Grinder

From $ 36.00


7 Color Options

7 Sizes Available

Phoenician Medium 2.5" 4 Piece Grinder

$ 70.00


7 Color Options

Phoenician Large 3.5" 4 Piece Grinder

$ 110.00


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Smoke Cartel Small 1.5" 3-Piece Grinder

$ 19.00


6 Color Options

6 Sizes Available

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Phoenician Small 2.0" 4 Piece Grinder

$ 50.00


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Smoke Cartel "Pocket Monster" Grinder

$ 12.00

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Tobacco Chopper Automated Grinder

$ 12.00

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RAW Shredder Card

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