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Also known as hand pipes or dry pipes, spoons are the quintessential pipe, and feature three main parts. At one end, they feature an indented chamber with a hole called the bowl. This chamber is where smokers will pack and light their favorite herbs. Spoons typically feature carburetors (also known as the carb) at the same end as the bowl. Carbs function to let air into the pipe so that smoke can be easily cleared. The neck and mouthpiece sit at the other end of the spoon to direct smoke to the user’s mouth.

Even though there are less variables in constructing a spoon than a water pipe, spoons are arguably the most commonly used glass pieces. They’re a classic and effective method of smoking, and a wonderful way to show off your favorite artist’s work on-the-go without lugging around an expensive functional tube. Despite their straightforward nature, making a hand pipe still requires a large amount of training and experience. Spoons can be created in a variety of different styles, depending on what look the glass artist is after. Smoke Cartel has a wide variety of hand pipes available for purchase. From one hitters to elaborate bubblers, Smoke Cartel has got you covered!

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Joint Forces "The Sword"

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Unique One of a Kind PieceHeady Glass

"The Orchid" Fume Worked Glass Spoon Hand Pipe with Dots

$ 22.00

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GlasseX Peppermint Spoon

$ 22.00


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Smoky Mountain Glass Fritted Spoon

$ 30.00


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Punisher Silver Fume Blown Skull Spoon Pipe

$ 42.00

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Totem Glass Coil Spoon

$ 64.00


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GlasseX Colored Glass Stryder Spoon

$ 26.00


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Chubz Glass "Chomper" Spoon

$ 130.00

4 Color Options

Unique One of a Kind PieceHeady Glass

Glassical Creations Glow in the Dark Glass Spoon Pipe

$ 35.00

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Rasta-fire-ian Jr.

$ 27.00



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