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A steamroller is a unique dry hand pipe designed to quickly clear hits with little effort. Perfect for group seshes and sharing with friends!

Steamrollers feature a streamlined cylindrical design. The carb is positioned on the end of the pipe, rather than the side of the bowl like traditional glass hand pipes. When released, the position of this carb allows air to travel more easily through the pipe, guiding smoke into your lungs with very little resistance.

Steamrollers come in two very distinctive designs: one for herb and one for concentrates. Unfortunately, these two steamroller pipe styles are not interchangeable, so buyers will need to decide which type of product they will primarily be using with their steamroller before purchasing the appropriate style.

The traditional herb design has the two open ends as usual, and the bowl is often times indented into the piece near the carb end. Most bowls are relatively small looking, but users won’t need a lot of product for a hard hit. Remember, steamrollers are notorious for the hits they can produce!

Larger bowls may cause the user to pack more product than they need or loosely pack too little and burn the product too quickly. Most users will find the bowl size just right for the desired end result. (Don’t forget to grind your herb before packing it. Grinding ensures maximum surface area exposure for full use of the product. Some grinders even filter byproducts from the smokeable herb for additional purposes.)

For concentrates, steamrollers replace the indented bowl with a dabbing nail that sits above the piece for easier user access. If the nail becomes damaged, the user can easily replace it with another nail of the same size and gender. Smoke Cartel currently offers quartz, ceramic, and titanium nails that would fit into our steamroller pipes. However, we would most likely recommend quartz with these pipes in order to continue the uniformity in materials used with one another.

Another steamroller feature buyers should be aware of is the size of the carb at the end. A larger carb hole will allow for a larger and faster amount of airflow to enter the pipe, creating a much larger hit than a smaller carp would. Smaller-sized carbs will restrict airflow and help users achieve a less intense hit from their steamroller.

Smaller steamroller pipes in general will be easier to hold in one hand, while larger pipes may require two hands. Some larger steamrollers will even require users to apply their whole palm to the carb end for a complete seal before inhalation. Longer pipes may also allow the smoke more time to cool before reaching the lungs, lessening the harshness of the hit.

A bonus feature on some steamrollers that users might be interested in are the glass “feet” on the bottom of the pipe that help keep the pipe in place when on a flat surface. These come especially in handy when trying to pack the bowl or heat the nail and you don’t want your pipe rolling away.

They may seem simple, but steamrollers definitely aren’t for everyone. Beginners should seek out a seasoned user, and it can be a fun pipe to work up to eventually.

Steam rollers are an excellent addition to every herb lover’s collection. These glass pieces consistently deliver full, strong hits, and fans enjoy the effective puffs of this kind of pipe. If you’re looking for a smoother and easy-smoking pipe, consider looking into getting a bubbler for the added filtration.

Smoke Cartel has colorful variety of steamrollers, including thick and mighty tubes and heady pieces.


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