Sell on Smoke Cartel

Sell on Smoke Cartel

Get your products discovered in the cannabis industry.

The Counterculture Marketplace

Join hundreds of brands and vendors on the largest marketplace of cannabis accessories, smoking gear, CBD products, and much more.

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Simple, Transparent Pricing

We cover postage, payment processing, fulfillment fees, and any other transactional fees.

Smoke Cartel pays an industry standard distributor rate for your products, and you earn 100% of that.

Earn a Consistent Revenue Source

Selling on Smoke Cartel provides brands and suppliers with a steady stream of orders from a niche customer base built over over 5+ years, and still growing.

Always Online

Unlike retail brick and mortar stores, we're open for business 24/7 - which means you can earn sales around the clock.

Our expert customer support agents will answer questions about your products and help you deliver stellar customer service.

Secure Payment Processing

It's not always easy to get started in the counterculture industry. Considered a "high risk" product by most credit card processors, getting your own store up and running can prove challenging.

Smoke Cartel is an at-scale e-commerce store with secure payment processing for your products, allowing you to focus on growing your brand.

Build Your Brand

Our award winning marketing team and partnerships with the top publications such as Leafly, High Times, Forbes, and more - means you get immediate exposure of your products to millions of potential customers.

We're happy to collaborate on a marketing campaign - contact us to find out more.

How Selling on Smoke Cartel Works

Getting started selling on Smoke Cartel's marketplace is fast, easy, and painless.

Step 1

Setup your product listings.

Send us a product catalog or manually setup your products on our platform. If you want us to photograph your products, we can provide free professional product photography.

Step 2

Launch your products.

Go live, and publish your catalog to Smoke Cartel. Sales will start coming in - and we'll work with you to launch marketing campaigns for your products to our customers.

Step 3

Fulfill your orders.

Print shipping labels with one-click from our Seller Central dashboard. We cover all postage and fulfillment costs, and integrate with a number of warehouse systems - or use our own portal.

Get Started

It's Easy to Integrate Your Inventory

We're able to connect to your inventory management system - no matter what platform you're on.

Seller Central

Self Service Portal

Shopify Sync

Seamlessly Integrate Your Store

WooCommerce Sync

Seamlessly Integrate Your Wordpress Woocommerce Store

Custom Integration

Large Catalogs, Distributors & more

Easily Import Product Photos

Quickly Add Images from Instagram, Facebook or 12+ Apps

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about selling on Smoke Cartel.

Who pays for shipping?

We pay for all shipping & postage costs. You will receive a fixed price for every sale, and Smoke Cartel will cover all fulfillment fees. You can easily print labels which are automatically billed to our account, or use your own shipping provider.

What is your pricing model?

You will receive a fixed price for every sale. No hidden fees, not additional costs, nothing. Regardless of our ongoing sales promotions, campaigns, etc - the price you set as our cost for your products is what you are paid.

If you choose to use your own shipping provider, you can pass those billable charges over to us.

How do I get paid?

Smoke Cartel is flexible with your payment options. Payments can be issued as soon as tracking numbers are sent to us for orders. Some larger volume suppliers often opt to bill us on NET terms to reduce accounting expense. We're handle all payment processing & fees, and can issue you payouts via Check, Bank Transfer, Paypal, or Credit Card.

What can I sell on Smoke Cartel?

Smoke Cartel is a marketplace dedicated to counterculture goods that may be typically prohibited on other markets like Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, and more.

We provide sellers an opportunity to sell glass pipes & water bongs, vaporizers, handmade hand pipes of all shapes and sizes, smoking accessories, COA & third party tested CBD Products, lifestyle accessories & more.

Ready to start selling?

Join the largest marketplace for counterculture goods.