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Awesome selection, fast shipping, 24/7 customer service, all available in your pajamas. Or whatever you're wearing; we don't even want to know, TBH.

There are definitely differences between shopping at a local brick and mortar smoke shop versus shopping at an online headshop like ours.

So, in an effort to answer questions, provide guidance, we'll clarify why shopping online for smoking accessories can be a superior experience:

 Our Selection is Large


A big difference you will find is selection. This varies not only between online stores, but between individual smoke shops in your area.  

There are small shops, there are big shops.  There are specialized shops, and there are shops of all kinds offering specific products.

As an online shop, we can offer a larger selection than most shops:
Types of Products Our Online Headshop Physical Headshops
Scientific Glass Large Selection Smaller Selection
Heady Glass Large range of U.S. artists Varies, often local artists
Glass Accessories We carry a large range of accessories Depends on shop
Oil Accessories We carry a wide range of dab rigs, titanium nails, ceramic and quartz products Depends on shop
Vaporizers We carry major trusted brands Limited selection unless it's a vape shop
Grinders and other accessories We stock a wide range of grinders and accessories like Healthstones Depends on shop
Rolling Papers We carry major brands of papers like Raw, Elements, Zen, and more Often also a good selection of papers
Detox Products We carry select detox products Most local smoke shops have these
Spice, Kratom, and other herbs We do not carry these products Depends on your local shop
Novelty Items We offer select novelty items Depends on the style of your local shop
Specialty Products By negotiating with vendors, we can offer speciality products like portable e-nails Limited


Low Prices


This is where we gonna get ya.  

Start off by imagining all the costs that a retail store has.  

They have to pay rent every month for their store(s).  

They have to staff their stores with employees during their open hours.  

They have physical costs associated with their store, such as local advertising, maintenance, cleaning, display cases, etc.

How do we know all of this?  We've been there.

How we can offer better pricing

This is important to our business.  And we work hard at it.

At Smoke Cartel, we can offer our customers better pricing on a larger selection of products simply because of our scale.  We don't have all the costs associated with a physical store, so those savings get passed on to our customers.  

We get authorized retailer pricing or distributor pricing with many of our manufacturers and artists, thus we are able to pass those savings along to you.


It's a simple formula really:

Less cost for us, means less cost for you.

And we mean it.

If you ever find a competitor pricing a product that we sell for lower than us, let us know! We actively price match.


Shipping Speed


There's nothing like being able to grab your purchase directly at a store. However, we do our best to minimize the wait time between the moment you click that purchase button, to the moment a package arrives at your doorstep.

Our average processing time is 1-3 days and our FREE flat rate shipping speed is 3-5 business days.

Combine that with our shipping policy:

  • We replace or refund all items broken in shipping
  • We offer the opportunity to apply insurance to shipments
  • We ship everything discreetly

Need it even faster? We also offer Express 1-2 Day shipping, or UPS Next Day Air shipping.


Top notch Customer Service

Customer Service

While we would never judge a person by where he or she works, local headshop employees are not exactly known for their super motivated customer service and ambition to please. If you've ever been in a smoke shop and asked a question about the difference between say, a glass and a ceramic nail, you might be met with blank stares and a "gee, I dunno, man."

We consider having a knowledgeable staff crucial to our service.

We thoroughly train ever single person in our company in product knowledge from the shipping staff to the customer service staff.

If you ever have a question about your purchase, no matter what time of the day or night, we are here for you, friend!

That's right, we have our customer service team at the ready 24/7. Do not hesitate to ask: Shoot us an email at or give us a phone call at (912) 574-2000. Oh, and you'll always get a person, not a robot. We don't believe in cutting corners when it comes to taking care of our customers. 

Our staff enjoys helping customers select the right product for them. Just contact us with your budget, needs, and anything to help us narrow our search. We'll be happy to suggest something for you. We believe that business should be a good role model, and that starts with treating team members & customers alike with respect & honesty.

We are happy to help those with any level of experience, from beginners to seasoned smokers. We promise, there is no such things as a "stupid" question!


Look, online shopping is taking the world by storm because of the convenience factor. And we all know stoners will choose convenience. 

Out of papers or just broke your bowl? Instead of trying to find a store that's open, just checkout with our online headshop. We'll ship out your order next day (or even same day) and you'll have it at your doorstep before you know it.


Quality Control

We take quality control very seriously.

We remove products that don't perform up to par and discontinue vendors who don't operate with integrity. Good Business comes from good people working with good people. We won't ever sell you a product that we ourselves would feel uncomfortable using, and every product we decide to carry is weighed as important decision with the customer (you!) in mind.

In our experience, working with our preferred companies ensures that our glass is always top-notch and holds up even after years of use. So check out Smoke Cartel's amazing selection of bongs, water pipes and accessories, without ever having to leave the house! 

Still not convinced?

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