1. How do you ship your packages?
  2. Do you require a signature on your packages?
  3. Why are things on your store out of stock?
  4. Where do you ship from?
  5. How much does shipping cost?
  6. How do I track my package?
  7. What payment methods do you accept?
  8. Do you accept pre-paid giftcards?
  9. Do you accept Paypal?
  10. Do you accept returns?
  11. What if my order breaks during shipping?
  12. My glass broke! Help me!
  13. Something is missing from my order!
  14. What if I choose to cancel my order?
  15. Freebies and Giveaway Disclaimer
  16. When will you restock an item?
  17. How do I apply a coupon code?
  18. Our shipping team and shipping speeds
  19. Where is my order?
  20. How do I update my account password?
  21. The answer to my question isn't here, what do I do?

How do you ship your packages?

Here at SmokeCartel, we understand our customer's concerns about privacy and discretion.  Everything we ship will be through plain cardboard boxes, nothing to mark glass pipes or smokeware.  Our shipping labels do not say SmokeCartel, and we do everything we can to ensure our packages are discrete.

As such, our packages are shipped to you in standard shipping boxes (Either a plain brown box or a USPS priority mail box). Nowhere on the outside of your package will you see the words "SmokeCartel".  

The return address on the box will be "SC.COM".

However, "SmokeCartel" will appear on your credit card statement. We cannot change this, and we apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

Do you require a signature on your packages?

SmokeCartel reserves the right to add a signature requirement to any order at our discretion for security reasons. This is to prevent fraud and underage orders. We are very serious about preventing illicit orders.

We can not guarantee arrival dates or times. While we try our best to prevent any delays, orders may be held up due to unforeseen circumstances.

Why are items on your store out of stock?

It's embarrassing, really. But unfortunately we do run out of stock on items unexpectedly. Because every single glass piece we offer is hand blown, this leads to a long production time on some items. Rest assured though, items come back into stock daily!

Where do you ship from?

We ship throughout the United States from our warehouse in Savannah, GA. 

We offer UPS, USPS, and FedEx shipping. We ship using the most cost effective service for your specific area. Customers can opt to select a carrier by purchasing their preferred shipping, otherwise packages are shipped via our standard Free Shipping.

Tracking labels are sent out via email once the package is picked up by the post office. You can track the status of your order using our order tracking tool here.

How much does shipping cost? Where do you ship to?

We offer free domestic shipping for all of our items, and low cost international shipping.

Domestic Shipping (within the United States) Rates:

Free Shipping $0
Priority Mail (USPS 2-3 Days Estimated) $7
Priority Express Mail (USPS 1-2 Days Estimated) $24
UPS Ground (UPS 1-5 Days) $8-$14
UPS 2nd Day Air (UPS 1-2 Days) $32


International Shipping Rates:

Over $300 $0
International First Class $10.95 - $19.95
International Priority $29.95


We ship everywhere in the United States, as well as a handful of international countries!

We ship to Australia, Canada, Columbia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Singapore, Thailand, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

At this time, we are unable to waive customs fees for international shipments. We are actively working on this, so if this is an issue for you, please check back soon & keep in touch.

If you do not see your country listed, we cannot assure delivery. You can contact us to request adding your country to the list. Not all requests will be added due to company policy. 

How do I track my package?

Tracking information will be sent to you once your order has been scanned and packed up. Tracking emails are typically sent out 1-2 days after order has been placed.

Once it’s shipped out you’ll continue to receive periodic shipping updates until its arrival. If you entered a phone number at check-out, our system will send you text message alerts to update you when your package is out for delivery.

You can also track the status of your order using our order tracking tool here. 

If you notice anything strange with your tracking, or if you are having trouble tracking your package, please do not hesitate to give us a call or shoot us an e-mail!

What payment methods do you accept?

Curious about what payment methods we accept?

We accept all major credit cards. 

Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover Card.

We also accept bitcoin and other crypto-currencies such as Litecoin, Dogecoin, and various others. 

We proudly accept them due to their low to no fee charge compared to conventional credit cards.

Our e-commerce solution is hosted by Shopify, and we have integrated Bitpay to accept Bitcoin payments during our checkout process.

If you would like to pay with something other than Bitcoin (Litecoin, Dogecoin, Mintcoin, Other Cryto-currency) please shoot an email to contact@smokecartel.com and we will arrange for a different form of payment.

We do not accept paypal - there are no exceptions to this. 

Do you accept pre-paid giftcards?

This one can get tricky. The short answer is no, but the long answer is yes! So, lets get technical!

Our payment capturing system relies heavily on your billing address in order to accept your funds. This address is where you would be receiving all of your credit statements, if this was a card issued by your bank. The vast majority of these prepaid cards have no billing address associated with them, so when you attempt to use a prepaid card in our system you might find that your payment was sent, but no order went through. This is because we couldn't capture your funds that you authorized to send to us. The money sent in these false authorizations will be refunded after some processing time.

Just because some prepaid cards don't have billing addresses doesn't mean they are all lacking! Some prepaid gift cards have the ability to have a billing address assigned to the card. If you wanted to use a prepaid gift card with the Smoke Cartel then you definitely want to make sure your card has a billing address.

Sometimes, payment processing can be a huge hassle, and here at Smoke Cartel, we are looking to make it as easy as possible for you!

Do you accept Paypal?

We  do not accept Paypal due to their restrictions on tobacco, glass pipes and functional glass art. There are no exceptions to this, for Paypal has restrictions on all smoking products and accessories. Sorry 'bout the inconvenience.

Do you accept returns?

We accept returns on all unused products. If the product has been used, even just once, we cannot accept a return. No exceptions. Items to be returned must be reported within 4  (four) days of delivery. All returns are applicable for a restocking fee.

No matter what the reason is, sometimes you get something that you don’t want. If you want to return an item that you received, there are a couple things that you have to do first to help us out. We first need an email with some pictures of the item you received, just so we can verify that it is not broken and not used. From there we will get you a prepaid return label, to make the return process as cheap and easy for you as possible. 

Returns will only be accepted if exchanged through our customer service team, packages sent without our return label will not be accepted or refunded. 

What if my order breaks during shipping?

If an item is broken during shipping, we can only refund or replace the piece if it is completely unused. This policy also goes for pieces that are damaged or have manufacturing defects.

Here at SmokeCartel, we try very hard to ensure that all of our packages arrive safely. However, we realize that this does not always happen. When you first receive your package, inspect it first to make sure that it is in proper working condition. If there is something that is not satisfactory, take a photo immediately and send it to contact@smokecartel.com with your order number and the photos.

We will try to replace the broken item, or if that is not possible, we can offer a refund or exchange for the piece. Exchanges must be of equal value to the broken item.

If there is a breakage during shipping, we must be informed of the break as soon as possible. Please inform us within 48 hours of the package arrival.

We will not accept returns on broken items after the item has been used. There are no exceptions to this.

My Glass Broke!!

If you’re here reading this then it means somehow you’ve broken a piece. Don’t worry it happens! We can happily get you a replacement piece! We just have one stipulation if you intend on returning it. Whether or not the piece is broken, if the piece has been used then we can not take it back. We have a strict policy about not accepting used pieces and we make 0 exceptions on that rule. Now, lets get down to business!

Did what you purchased arrive broken? Let me tell you from all of us here at Smoke Cartel that we are sincerely sorry for making you deal with that. It may look like everything is lost, but fear not we can help you! What we need from you are some pictures of the broken item. Just take a couple pictures of the broken item, your order invoice and any other pictures you think are necessary. Send all those pictures to contact@smokecartel.com. What will happen is that we will be able to send you a replacement piece. On the off chance that we are not able to send you an exact replacement we can work out an arrangement to properly compensate you. Thanks!

Something is missing from my package!

If you find that something is missing from your package then you have come to the right place. For starters we are really sorry about that. 

We just need you to email us with what’s missing from the order, and from there we’ll search our order photos & videos for a discrepancy. If the photos or video show that we made a mistake we will make it right immediately, and you will be receiving a replacement shipment from us shortly. 

Always be sure to check your packaging and bubble wrap for missing items, sometimes smaller items can get misplaced in the unwrapping frenzy!

What if I choose to cancel my order?

If the package has already been shipped out, the order cannot be cancelled. If you are unsure about your purchase, please contact us beforehand so that we can help you select the best piece for your needs.


Freebies and Giveaway Disclaimer:

Please DO NOT send emails asking for free products or item giveaways. ALL item giveaways or freebies that we give out are done over our social media channels or the channels of our glassblowers. We frequently host giveaways and freebie contests via our Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook or other social media channels. This is the only location of free items or item giveaways, and emails asking for free products will be disregarded. We will NOT give away items via emails, no matter what.

All coupon codes and discounts will be either posted on our website or in some instances, posted on partnering websites. Coupon codes and discounts must be entered upon checkout; coupon codes and discounts cannot retroactively applied.


When will you restock an item?

We get asked a lot when we’ll get certain items back in stock. Those restock times vary from piece to piece and from brand to brand. They will generally take about 2 - 3 weeks on any product. We might get some in faster at times but that can't be guaranteed. You can email us if you have a question about a specific product. If you’d like to find out exactly the moment when items are restocked, you can head to our website. On the product page of the item you’re interested in there is a button that says “Notify me when it’s back.” Just click that and you’ll receive and notification the second that item returns to inventory.

However, some items will not be restocked. Items that will not be restocked are labeled as “one-offs” or “one of a kind” pieces. Pieces that are one of a kind will not be restocked, as they are unique pieces. For everything else, we restock as quickly as we can get the glass made.

Keep in mind that our team is constantly at work to restock all items, so simply sign up for a notification and let us do all the hard work! We’ll send you an email or text message as soon as we get it back in stock.


How do I apply a coupon code?

When you go to checkout, you can apply your coupon code on the second page of the checkout process! On the first screen there will be the subtotal of your cart, and from there you can “proceed to purchase”. At the “proceed to purchase step” you should see two sides of the screen, the first page is the option to login to your Smoke Cartel account.

We highly recommend creating an account with us, as this makes it easier to track your order and use our website features such as the returns manager.

The other side of the screen is an overview of your order. On this side of the screen, you will see an “Apply discount code” in green lettering. Here you will click on the green lettering, and proceed to enter and apply your discount code. You are only able to apply ONE discount per cart order. Please note that discounts CANNOT be applied retroactively, so after you finish the checkout process you will not be able to go back and apply a discount once you have paid for your purchase.


Our Shipping Team and Shipping Speeds

Please note that the shipping time does not include the processing time for packaging up and creating orders. Our shipping team works as fast as they can to ship out orders, but during holiday and sale times there may be a slight delay in processing time. 

If placed before 10am EST, the majority of orders are shipped same day. However, unforeseeable delays may occasionally occur, and processing times can take up to two days. In rare cases of holiday or special sales, processing times can be between 2-3 days.  Rest assured that the increased processing time simply means our shippers need a wee bit more time to carefully tend to each and every order. Orders are not packaged up on U.S Holidays and other instances in which the postal services are closed. 

Once your order is placed, our shipping team works hard to get that order packaged up well and sent out to you.  Shipping times do not guarantee package arrival date.

Where is my order?

Trying to find your package?
You can follow the link below 

If you're still having difficulty tracking your order, or if you wish to receive further details on your order, feel free to contact our customer service crew to get further details on your order.

How do I update my account password?

Found yourself locked out of your account? We can help you regain access!

When you attempt to login, you should see a clickable link that states "Forgot your password?".  Enter in your email address, and we can send you a link to reset your password.

You can also get in touch with our Customer Service team, and they can have a password reset email sent your way!

The answer to my question isn't in here, what do I do?

If you can’t find the answer to your question in our help desk, (we have answers to all of our most frequently asked questions!) please send us an email with your name, your order number (if applicable), and what the question is.

Please keep in mind that sending multiple emails will not increase the speed in which your emails are answered, multiple emails about the same issue clog up the system creating longer wait times for all customers.

Emails are answered on a first come, first serve basis. This means the first emails will be answered chronologically. Also note that our customer service team only works the hours that our retail store is open, so if you are located in a different time zone or sending an email after hours, your message will not be received until the next business day.

Our email address is contact@smokecartel.com

Please note: For all packages damaged or broken in shipping, we will remedy this issue as soon as we possibly can. Please remain calm and polite throughout the broken items replacement process, being angry about the situation will not speed up the process.

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