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Glass Hand Pipes

Smoke Cartel offers a gorgeous variety of glass pipes, hand pipes, and spoons for your smoking pleasure. From simplistic styles to heady designs, we have a pipe to fit your paw. 

Hand pipes are the classic, old school smoking device used by your parents and grandparents. Often referred to as smoking a "bowl" our borosilicate glass pipes are perfect for tokers of all kinds.  Unless you are looking for a bubbler, glass hand pipes typically offer you a dry smoke, meaning there is no water based diffusion of your smoke.

While some may prefer a bong or dab rig instead, hand pipes like spoons and sherlocks offer the convenience of easy travel and portability.

To smoke dry herbs, tobacco, or other legal substance out of your hand pipe, you simply need to pack the material into the bowl chamber, ignite with a flame, and go!

Often times there is a hole on the side known as a "carb" which acts as a way to clear your smoke and alter your airflow. Go ask your grandpa, he'll show you.

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