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Concentrate Straws

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Sip in the sweet!

Like a butterfly dipping its proboscis into a flower, concentrate straws offer a direct way to enjoy waxy oils. Some of these handy glass tubes are outfitted with interchangeable tips made of quartz, titanium or ceramic to “collect the nectar” and coax out different flavor profiles.

Just heat the tip as you would a nail and apply to a pretty lil’ dish filled with your favorite concentrate—then sip in the vapor like a happy pollinator for a perfect dab every time!

Silicone Grenade Honey Funnel and Station

$ 24.00

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Save 40% - Originally $ 40.00$ 40.00

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3 Color Options

GlassGuard Eligible

Demo "Hydro Line" Recycling Nectar Collector

"Hydro Line" Recycling Nectar Collector

$ 75.00


GlassGuard Eligible

Titanium Honey Collector Tip

$ 32.00


18.8mm – 14.5mm – 10mm

GlassGuard Eligible

Honey Funnel with 10mm Titanium and Quartz Tips

$ 54.00

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GlassGuard Eligible



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