Quartz Bangers & Nails

Any avid dabber would know that the crucial component of your beloved dab rig is the dab nail, which is usually a quartz banger. For dabbing newbies, the nail is the part where the concentrate is applied and heated.

Here’s all you need to know about quartz bangers and other nails!

What is a Quartz Banger?

A quartz banger is the most popular type of dab nail used in dabbing, a method of consuming concentrates. Quartz bangers are made from high-quality quartz crystal and are designed to be heated, usually with a butane torch, until it reaches a high temperature. At this point, the banger is allowed to cool slightly, and a small amount of concentrate is placed on the banger and vaporized.

A banger usually comprises the bucket, joint, and neck. The bucket can be of different sizes, and the neck connects it to the joint. While the 14mm joint is the most common, there are various sizes, so be sure to get one that fits your rig.

The design of the quartz banger allows for more precise temperature control compared to other types of dabbing nails, which can result in a smoother and more flavorful dabbing experience. Learn more about quartz bangers vs. nails here.

Quartz Banger Benefits

There are many benefits to quartz bangers that make them the most popular type of dab nail:

  • They impart excellent flavor.
  • They heat up quicker than other dab nails and have a high heat tolerance, which adds to their durability.
  • They fit in wonderfully with glass dab rigs and are more aesthetically pleasing than titanium or ceramic bangers
  • They are easy to find as they are the most popular type of dab nail.

Types of Quartz Bangers

Flat-Top Quartz Bangers

This 14.5mm flat-top banger has a rounded bottom to increase efficiency and minimize waste. The design also allows you to use a wider range of carb caps, and the standard joint is compatible with most dab rigs.

Round-Bottom Quartz Bangers

The unique shape of the Round Bottom 2” Deep banger will prevent splashes even with smaller dab rigs. The rounded bottom eliminates build-ups and makes for easy cleaning and improved longevity.

Thermal Quartz Bangers

For perfect temperature control, this Pulsar Color Changing Thermal Quartz banger contains heat-reactive color-changing crystals that give you a visual of the temperature. Changing from light to dark as you light up, you’ll soon learn what shade your ideal dabbing temperature is. Available in 10, 14, and 19mm joint sizes.

Terp Slurpers

The Kromedome Terp Slurper banger is an excellent choice for large dabs. With 10 and 14.5mm joint sizes, this quartz banger provides more surface area for the wax to drop, ensuring that every little bit is vaporized.

Other Types of Dab Nails

While quartz bangers are the most popular type of dab nail, titanium and ceramic nails are also an option.

Titanium Dab Nails

Titanium bangers are more durable and can retain heat better, while sacrificing flavor in the dabbing process compared to quartz.

Ceramic Dab Nails

Ceramic bangers are more durable than glass but less so than titanium. They retain heat well but also impart less flavor than quartz.

How to Use a Quartz Banger

Wondering how to use a quartz banger? We got your back!

  • First, prep your dab rig by adding water, seasoning your new quartz banger, and prepping your concentrate.
  • Heat your banger with a dab torch and wait for it to cool.
  • Place the concentrate into the bucket with a dab tool.
  • Inhale the vapor the hot banger produces as you dab the concentrate on it.
  • Cover the banger with a carb cap to preserve the heat and regulate airflow.
  • Exhale and enjoy!

What to Look For in a Quartz Banger

There are a multitude of quartz bangers on the market. First, look at the style and design you want. From basic flat-tops and efficient color-changing thermals to intricate terp slurpers, each design can enhance your dabbing experience uniquely.

You’ll also have to pay attention to whether you need a male or female joint and the joint sizes. The most common joint sizes are 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. Be sure to pick one that will fit your rig.

Larger buckets also provide more surface area for more even vaporization, and a thicker banger means better heat retention, the most common thicknesses being 2, 3, and 4mm.

Check out the best quartz bangers for dabbing here!

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