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What's the Difference Between a Banger and a Nail?

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If you're new to dabbing, you've probably heard the terms "nail" and "banger" seemingly interchangeably and wondered what the difference was. Or, you're not new to dabbing, but you still don't know what the difference is and now it's too late to ask.

Well, don't worry, we won't tell anyone you Googled it.  

The two terms in theory describe two different things. You may see them interchangably, but in a perfect world, a nail is always titanium and always a very shape, whereas a banger can be one of several materials and may have slight shape varieties. 

Let's just dive right on in. 

Titanium Nail

Like we mentioned above, classic dab nails resemble a regular nail you’d use for your DIY projects. These are made with titanium, which gives them incomparable durability. On our website, we focus on nails made from grade 2 titanium, which is by far the sturdiest material and the safest one to use.

Titanium nails all share the same material and look similarly, but there’s still a variety of different designs. Some of them have a universal fit while others fit only compatible joint sizes, some are domeless and some require a dome, and there are also those with adjustable height.


The first difference you’ll notice between a banger and a nail is the shape. Bangers have a deep flat-bottomed dish and a joint that extends from it, most often from the side at a 90-degree angle.

This design offers a large dabbing surface and offers an increased airflow. They’re also a great choice for beginners, because they are easy to use and extend away from the rig, so you don’t have to worry about heat damage to your favorite piece.

Bangers are mainly made from ceramic and quartz. Both of these promise a rich flavor, but are less durable than titanium.

If bangers attract you, but you’re still not sure what to get - check out our curated lists of the best ceramic and quartz nails for beginners and experts alike.

What's the Difference?

Let’s compare these options a bit more, by focusing on three elements which most dabbers prioritize when choosing their tools.


If getting the true taste of those terps is your priority, your best bet is to go for a banger nail. Quartz and ceramic both offer a clean and rich flavor, which makes them a go to-choice for flavor chasers. Titanium on the other hand can compromise the true flavor of the dab, giving it a slightly metallic taste.


When we’re talking about heat, we need to cover two factors: heat-up time and heat retention. Depending on what’s important to you, both titanium and banger nails can be a dope pick.

Heating in banger nails depends on the material they’re made of. Quartz nails take only 10 seconds to heat up but lose heat quickly, while ceramic nails need to be heated slowly for 30 seconds but hold onto heat much longer.

A titanium nail fits somewhere between these two - you’ll need to heat it a bit longer than quartz but not as long as ceramic. It’ll retain heat much better than quartz, and similarly to ceramic.


Titanium nails can’t be beaten in this category. Titanium is a super-sturdy metal and won’t break, neither with impact nor with heat damage.

From all the banger nails, those made with quartz are your best pick if you still want to get this design but want some durability. Although quartz bangers will break if dropped, they’re not ass susceptible to heat stress as ceramic ones.


In the end, both bangers and titanium nails do a great job at vaporizing your favorite concentrates. The differences are small, and usually come down to personal preference and experience. Whether you like fast heat up from quartz, rich flavor from ceramic or unparalleled durability from titanium, we’re sure you’ll soon find something you’ll love.

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