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Stash jars are containers designed for storing your loose leaf tobacco and dry herbs. These jars keep your favorite herbs fresh for long periods of time by keeping them sealed in a regulated environment. Stash jars feature an airtight seal, containing the aromas of the herbs and preventing them from drying out and losing flavor. The optimum temperature for preserving dry herbs is at 77-86 degrees Fahrenheit and at under 65% humidity. Stash jars work to keep your herbs in an ideal environment, the CVault even creates a regulated 62 degree environment!

Stash jars are not only great for those who want to keep their herbs fresh as new, they’re also worthwhile investments for smokers who wish to keep their hobby on the down low. If you’re worried about offending housemates or want to contain smells for travel, we’d definitely recommend picking up a sweet stash jar!

Smoke Cartel has a wide variety of stash jars available for all your storage needs. Want a stash jar that doubles as a grinder? Check out the Medtainer, available in several different colors to match any collection. Want a classic glass stash jar with an airtight seal? We’ve got plenty for you to choose from.

Smoke Cartel Silicone Brick Concentrate Container

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Smoke Cartel Large Silicone Cube

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Smoke Cartel Silicone Concentrate Station

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CVault Storage Container

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High Tech Large Silicone Oil Containers

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Smoke Cartel Stash Jar with Peach Leaf Logo Decal

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