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No matter what you may be looking for to accessorize your smoke seshes, this is the place you’ll want to look! You will find a variety of slides, dabbers, downstems, adapters and other smoking accessories! You’ll even find protective storage containers for your favorite glass pieces, cleaners such as RezBlock from 420 Science, and medical grade silicone products from MouthPeace! In search of a new heady pendant? This is where you’ll want to look. Smoke Cartel’s accessories collection is also the place to upgrade your rolling game. Need a sweet surface dedicated entirely to rolling up? We’ve got a fine selection of rolling trays in this collection. Tired of paying for disposable paper rolling tips? Check out this collection and scoop a few reusable glass tips— just roll these bad boys into your smokables and wash them between seshes. If you are a smoker that doesn’t want to inhale butane when hitting a hand pipe or lighting up a bowl, stop by this collection and pick up some hemp wick from RAW. Need a keck clip (also known as a k-clip) to keep your ash catcher securely in the joint? We offer thirteen different size and color combinations of k-clips, the possibilities are endless!

14.5mm or 18.8mm Round Glass Bowl in Multiple Colors

$ 10.00


10 Color Options

10 Sizes Available

MouthPeace Silicone Mouth Piece

$ 13.00


7 Color Options

Glassheads Clear Twist Dry Herb Bowl

$ 20.00


14.5mm – 18.8mm

Hi Si Glass Diffused Downstem

$ 44.00

Regular priceOn Sale $ 52.00


4 Sizes Available

Plastic Keck Clip for Glass on Glass Joints

$ 3.00


13 Color Options

13 Sizes Available

Sleek And Simple Carbon Filter Adapter

$ 16.00


4 Sizes Available

Sesh Supply Clear Female Bowl

$ 12.00

14.5mm – 18.8mm – 10mm

14.5mm or 18.8mm Female Pinch Bowl with Handle

$ 10.00

Regular priceOn Sale $ 20.00


18.8mm – 14.5mm

Titanium Honey Collector Tip

$ 32.00

Regular priceOn Sale $ 40.00


14.5mm – 18.8mm – 10mm

Sleek And Simple Female To Male Drop Down

$ 24.00


4 Sizes Available

Sleek and Simple 18mm to 14mm Female Downstem

$ 12.00


7 Sizes Available

Savannah Bumble Bee Dabber Tool

$ 24.00

Regular priceOn Sale $ 30.00


Glassheads "King Cobra" Male Flower Bowl

$ 16.00

Regular priceOn Sale $ 20.00


2 Sizes Available


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