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Glass Accessories - Downstems, Domes, & More! - Page 2

Accessories make the sesh.

Looking to accessorize and and equip your bong, water pipe or dab rig for the ultimate smoke sesh? Find a variety of slides, dabber tools, bowls, downstems, domes, ash catchers, adapters and other smoking accessories in every size, shape and price.

Smoke Cartel’s glass accessories collection for bongs and water pipes is where to upgrade your smoking game, whether your preference is dry herb or concentrates. 

We've got everything you need to complete your smoking experience. Doesn't your favorite flower deserve a finely-crafted bowl? If you're a seasoned dabber or just dabbling, our quartz carb caps will bring out the terpenes in that tasty shatter.

No one likes a clogged pipe--keep the flow going with this handy kasher that clips right to your lighter, and Keep your stash on the down low with Smoke Cartel smell-proof bags.

We also stock all kinds of glass adapters for your male or female bong or rig: Easily switch between genders while reducing heat damage and adding to the quality of your rips. (Didn't know water pipes have genders? Learn more here.)





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$ 14.95

14.5mm Male Joint

$ 12.95

Bulk Deal - $6.47 per unit

2 Sizes Available

From $ 15.00 - $ 24.99

2 Sizes Available

From $ 24.99 - $ 30.49


2 Sizes Available

From $ 8.00 - $ 15.99

6 Color Options

$ 17.99


18.8mm Male Joint