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Get nailed.

Ceramic nails are popular heating elements used for the consumption of oils and concentrates. Ceramic is a great alternative to quartz or titanium nails, as the ceramic material is chemically inert and offers significantly longer heat retention. Some concentrate lovers can even get several dabs from heating a ceramic nail just once!

Unlike titanium nails, fresh ceramic heating elements are always medical grade and are ready to go without seasoning. Because of the material, ceramic nails require more heating than quartz and titanium to reach ideal temperatures for dabbing.

Make sure to heat ceramic heating elements evenly, otherwise you run the risk of the ceramic cracking and breaking. Although ceramic nails are less durable than titanium and quartz, the flavor is exceptional!

Smoke Cartel offers a large variety of ceramic nails. If you prefer to use a dome, we’ve got fully adjustable ceramic domed nails. Sesh Supply produces awesome ceramic bangers if those are your heating element of choice.

Fan of honey buckets? We’ve got some awesome ceramic honey buckets that fit both 14mm and 18mm joints.

Do you like to dab with domeless ceramic nails? We have several varieties that will fit any joint, just make sure to also pick up a ceramic carb cap!

Having trouble deciding which heating element to use? Check out this helpful infographic from our Knowledge Base.



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