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All about that life? We've got your gear. 

Smoke Cartel delivers the finest bongs, dab rigs, accessories and everything else for the ultimate smoking experience, but we know it's more than just about the tools—it's a way of life

We've got plenty of excellent ways to rep the heady lifestyle on your sleeve—and on your hat, around your neck, even in your morning cup of coffee. You can even deck out your pet with 420-friendly collars, leashes and more! 

We've also got practical products that true lifers need, like cleaning solutions and lighter tools. Stock up in style!

Smoke Cartel Smell Proof Carbon-Lined Backpack

$ 64.00

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GlassGuard Eligible

Wax Hand Enamel Hat Pin

$ 9.00

Smoke Cartel Crew Pick

Koko Nuggz Chocolate Budz Snacks

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10 Sizes Available

420 Science RezBlock Resin Blocker

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$ 19.00


Smoke Cartel Peach Hat Pin

$ 9.00


GlassGuard Eligible


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