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Burner Glassworks Showerhead Perc with Bent Neck Water Pipe


Fantastic and smooth hits heavy for a smaller bong very happy with it 😍

Turbine Cyclone Percolator "Smokenado" Water Pipe

daily driver

Even nicer than expected. single cyclone percolator packs way more Grrrrr!! than you would think. using with a torch and an ash catcher and the temp is very friendly. This is a 5 star item, especially for the price. As other have pointed out: dialing in the water level and draw might be tricky for some. Im fine with it as is but adding an inch to height would make a difference for some. It isn't thick glass but I'v bumped it a few times and haven't broken it yet. eventually I will as it lives in my work shop. it won't survive a drop of any kind. I would happily pay way more $$ for a 9mm thick version

SToK #THISTHINGRIPS Roil R-Series Roil Cartridge Kit

Good Pen, poor info

This hits good but I am dropping a star due to poor info on how much to use for a "proper" fill. Make sure this doesn't run dry either. If you run it dry and it gets too hot it will leak all over your battery. I burnt up the first atomizer in a couple of days due to the fact I take smaller rips and ran it dry before I noticed it needed a refill. I went to charge it and oil was all over my battery but that was my own fault for running it dry. My only other complaint would be the amount of splatter that builds up in the clear section. It cleans out easy enough with a wipe and some alcohol but just seems like a waste of product with how much builds up on it.

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