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Hello Human! We're Smoke Cartel, an online headshop start-up based in Savannah, GA. We're dedicated to good products, good service, and serving good people. All of our products ship from Savannah across the USA for free!

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Grav Labs Glass Blunt

Glass blunt

Love it much cleaner than wraps or papers.

Hi Si Glass Diffused Downstem

2'nd times the charm

Ordered this preice originally to mod up the internal percs in my beaker & got to big a stem so I asked SC what size would do for my peice & hey set me on the right path so it had come in this morning & not only was I stoked it fit this time in addition it made my percs so much more flavorful & way less drag than my old standard slitted downstem.. it definitely gimme what I needed as far as performance in percolating but it also gimme a way easier & flavorful cooler hit.. thank you smoke cartel

GlasseX Colored Glass Stryder Spoon

I love them

I love them ! i'm going to buy more, in case of breakage (klutz)

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