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Glass for Good. Smoke Cartel seeks to nurture your relationship with our products. Our vision is to provide an immersive, supportive, and transformative experience for those who are as passionate as we are about our budding industry.

Join the Cartel, we welcome everyone. You can only go up from here.

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Smoke Cartel offers limited run deals by negotiating with glassblowers and manufacturers to offer amazing prices on the latest and greatest products.

Glassheads "Shroomtastic" Mushroom Chillum Pipe

$ 39.00

Smokin' Deal

100 Left

Good until gone! - We have 100 out of 100 left.


Sesh Supply "Atlas" Faberge Egg Recycler with Propeller Perc

$ 199.00

Smokin' Deal

192 Left

Good until gone! - We have 192 out of 250 left.


6 Color Options

The "Wake & Bake" Frying Pan Glass Hand Pipe

$ 49.00

Smokin' Deal

189 Left

Good until gone! - We have 189 out of 200 left.

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