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Sesh Supply "Ares" Triple Chambered Beaker Base

A beauty!

First of all let me say that this thing is a work of art. The pics had me worried with the Y base being a weak point for breaks if it was made poorly. This is not the case. I bought the Rez Block and I am going to pick up a cleaner to keep it looking new. I do not want that middle honeycomb chamber getting dirty. Ash-catcher is recommended as well. Bowl it comes with is awesome, no need to buy a new one. I would give 10/10 and I am a very tough critic. Thank you for the speedy delivery as well. Quickest I have ever received. Definitely will do my shopping here from now on although I don't know when I'll need something other than this.

Sesh Supply "Circe" Propeller Perc Fabrege Egg Water Pipe with Colored Glass Accents

This rig is great.

At first i was skeptical about the propeller perc thinking it would be more aesthetic than functional but it actually has a very smooth hit. The draw on the hit is heavier than most rigs but this should be expected in any piece that has this complex of glass. Overall it is a great rig, but i would not recommend use with dry herbs.

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