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Dab Torches

Carry the flame, carry it high! 

Torches are essential tools for dabbing. These butane-powered devices generate flames as hot as 2000ºF, perfect for quickly heating up a quartz banger or other heating element. Standard lighters simply don’t get hot enough to thoroughly heat a nail.

Butane torch companies create several different styles of torch—from travel-sized devices to large torches more suitable for the table top. Large torches generate a larger flame and will heat your nails at a quicker rate. If you plan on bringing your torch with you places, you may want to snag a smaller torch. They’ll take up less room in a bag and are easier to keep discreet.

Smoke Cartel has a variety of torches available for purchase. Make sure to use the interzonal region of the flame to heat your nails the quickest. If you’re unsure of what the interzonal region is, check out this article on our Knowledge Base!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dab torch?

A dab torch is a butane torch designed specifically for torching a dab nail or quartz banger. These torches are engineered to accurately and effectively heat concentrate accessories specifically. Trusted by dabbers everywhere.

Is it bad to use a propane torch for dabs?

You should never use a propane lighter for anything you are about to inhale. Butane lighters are specifically designed to filter out noxious chemicals and impurities are made with the purpose of smoking in mind.



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