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Torches and lighters are to smokers like a hammer is to a carpenter— you’d be hard-pressed to find a smoker without one.  When it comes to ignition, smokers have a handful of different devices at their disposal.

  • Torches

  • Torches are an essential dabbing tool. These butane-powered devices generate flames up to 2000ºF, perfect for quickly heating up a quartz banger or other heating element. Standard lighters simply don’t get hot enough to heat nails. Dabbers have several different torch companies and torch models to choose from. When picking a butane torch, you should ask yourself the following questions:

    Will your torch sit on your dabstation, or do you plan on taking it with you when you leave the house? Butane Torch companies always create several different size torches. If you plan on leaving your torch at home, you may want to opt for a larger torch. If you plan on bringing your torch with you places, you may want to snag a smaller torch. They’ll take up less room in a bag and are easier to keep discreet.

    If you’re considering a smaller torch, the Cinderwitch Single Jet is an excellent option. This little beast functions just like the big brother (Cinderwitch Double or Triple Jet). A swivel switch sits on the right side of the torch’s head to adjust flame intensity. The ignitor sits at the back of the head directly above a child lock switch, just turn the child lock to the left and the ignitor won’t light. There’s also a continuous flame switch on the left side. The R-series Mini is straightforward and generates a decent sized flame for its size!

    What are you heating? Smaller torches generate a smaller flame. If you’ve got XL bangers, large titanium nails, or ceramic nails, odds are you’ll want to go with a larger torch. Not only will you spend less time heating your nails, but you’ll heat them more evenly. Even heating is absolutely essential for ceramic nails as uneven heating can lead to stress cracks.

    For large nails, I’d recommend the Cinderwitch Double Jet. This torch generates two flames, and everybody knows two flames are better than one! All of this torch's controls are positioned on the back of the head and they function a little differently than your standard torch. The Cinderwitch Double Barrel features a locking knob to control the intensity of the flame and prevent it from accidentally activating. In order to use this torch, you have to disengage the lock, turn the knob to your desired intensity, and then hit the ignite button above the knob. This torch will cut heating times in half if you’ve been using a smaller torch!

    Remember to check out Smoke Cartel’s collection of Torches for a variety of fire-makers!

    Note: The hottest part of a torch’s flame is commonly thought to be the bright blue cone that is generated close to the torch. Combustion is not complete at this part of the flame. This bright blue part of the flame is known as the primary combustion zone. The secondary combustion zone is the light blue flame that surrounds the bright blue cone in the center. Between these two zones sits the interzonal region, which is the hottest part of the entire flame. Use the interzonal region to heat your nails as fast as possible, saving time and money on butane. To make sure you’re hitting the interzonal region, you want the nail to sit in front of the bright blue tip of the primary combustion zone.

    If you’re a real baller, you might want to invest in the Hitman Sundae Stack Torch Tube. This crazy rig features a built in butane torch, just turn on the butane and ignite! Torch tubes are super functional and look pristine. This piece will surely up your glass game exponentially. 
  • Lighters

    You can’t enjoy a bowl or a joint without a lighter! Lighters come in many shapes and forms, from butane powered Zippos to the stoner-staple Bic’s. Unfortunately, it can be a bit tricky to find a reliable lighter. Most disposable lighters are made very cheaply, as a result the igniter or flint can suddenly go "kaput."
    While the aesthetic design of the Zippo is phenomenal, they require a decent amount of upkeep. If you’re looking for a reliable lighter, look no further than the Rechargeable Arc Lighter available from Smoke Cartel! This lighter is windproof and looks similar to a Zippo, but generates heat electrically. You never have to tamper with butane or flints ever again, just recharge this lighter like your vape-pen and you’re good to go! The Arc Lighter is also a great option for smokers who want to avoid inhaling butane.

    Note: If you don’t have an Arc Lighter and don’t want to inhale butane, invest in some Hemp Wick! Hemp Wick is a phenomenal all-natural alternative to butane lighters, just light the wick and use the wick to light your bowl.

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