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Home Goods - Incense, Decor & More

House. Home. Crib. Pad. Domicile. Whatever you call it, your home is the most important place in your life. It's the place you feel safe. Where you can truly be you. The place you point at and say, "I think it was that one back there," when the Uber driver misses it, even though you know for a fact it was. 

If you're an extravert, your home is where you invite the people you love. If you're an introvert, it's where you don't. No matter which, you deserve to fill your home with joy, peace, and life. 

Our selection of home goods helps you do exactly that. Pick out a fun game to play with your friends after a sesh. Burn some sage to purify the energy and invite wholesome spirits after a botched exorcism. Pick out some coasters so you don't ruin your partner's nice table even though you were only going to sit it down for a few minutes and you don't see the big issue.

Whatever laughter and love you decide to fill your home with, we can help you put it there.


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