Glass Bong Adapters

Bongs and bowls come in male or female varieties, and sometimes the parts don't match the piece. 

No problem-- you just need an adapter to convert your male joint to a female or vice versa, or even extend with same-gender adapters. Bong adapters come in a variety of shapes and sizes; you'll find the right fit, we promise. 

Adapters are attachments for smoking devices and other glass items. Before you purchase an adapter, it’s important to be knowledgeable of standardized joint sizes and gender. In the smoking industry, glass on glass joint sizes are created in three common sizes: 10mm, 14.5mm and 18.8mm (11mm and 12mm joints also exist, but are usually only used in custom pieces and one-of-a-kind headies.) Joints also have a "gender" of male or female. Depending on the size and gender of your water pipe’s joint, only certain adapters will fit. Adapters are frequently used to convert joints from one size to another size, from one gender to another gender, or a combination of size and gender conversions. For a more thorough explanation of water pipe joint sizes and gender, check out this Knowledge Base article.  

Adapters serve a wide range of purposes and enable smokers to customize their favorite pipes as they please. Want a glass stopper to prevent isopropyl alcohol from leaking all over the place during cleaning? Smoke Cartel’s collection of Adapters is where you’ll want to look. Interested in scooping a J-hook and constructing your own portable water pipe? We’ve got a few here, all priced under $30! Searching for a healthier smoking experience? Check out our carbon filter adapters that help remove carcinogens and toxins from your smoke. Our collection of Adapters is filled with nothing but well priced glass essentials!



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