Whether you're a suave ad executive in the 60s, my Grandfather, or you just want a safe place to flick your joints and clean your bowls, an ashtray is a smoking essential. 

Too many seshes without an ashtray and before you know it your house will be deemed uninhabitable and demolished with a wrecking ball. In other words, it'll be messy. 

Ashtrays have taken on new and exciting forms these days. Many of them now feature built in pokers so you can easily clean any hole or bowl you please. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs, allowing you to easily find a fun ashtray that's unique and eye-catching.

Whether you want an ashtray the size of your head, an ashtray with a panda on it, or an ashtray in the shape of a toilet, you'll be able to find all that and more in this collection.


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