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Portable, convenient, and full of personality, a dugout is a must-have for those that toke on the go. Originating in the 1970s, the earliest dugouts were made of wood hollowed out to create a container, giving them their name.

So what exactly is a dugout, and why would you want one?

What is a Dugout?

A dugout is a small, compact storage device designed to hold a small amount of ground herb and a one-hitter pipe. It typically consists of a small rectangular or cylindrical container made of wood, metal, or silicone, with two compartments: one for holding the ground herb and the other for holding the one-hitter pipe.

The compact size and discreet design of a dugout make it a popular choice for smokers who want to carry their herb and pipe with them on the go, keeping their items organized and easily accessible.

Types of Dugouts


Metal dugouts are typically made of aluminum or stainless steel. With sleek, stylish designs, they are the most durable. With a pipe, grinder, and storage box in one ultra-portable device, this aluminum dugout by Grav is one of our bestsellers.


Silicone dugouts are incredibly durable and tend to be more affordable than others. The EYCE Solo Silicone Dugout is virtually indestructible and has multiple built-in compartments for a pipe, cleaning tool, and a healthy amount of ground herb.


While the aesthetics of wood has always been the most visually appealing, the material isn't known for its durability. This Solid Dark Wood Dugout is one of our most popular and features a storage compartment and a discreet one-hitter pipe that looks like a regular cigarette.

Benefits of a Dugout One Hitter

All-in-One Solution

Dugouts typically contain everything needed to smoke herbs on the go. This cost-effective, convenient smoking accessory is all you need to enjoy a quick toke.

Portable and Discreet

Most dugouts will fit in a pocket and resemble a simple, plain box, perfect for the tokers that want to keep things under the radar.


Like one-hitters, the pipes included in dugouts limit the amount you pack, ultimately helping you conserve your bud.

Parts of a Dugout


The pipe is usually a one-hitter or chillum.

Herb Compartment

The herb storage compartment will usually allow for a small amount of herb that is enough for the day out.

Poker Tool

Most dugouts will have a poker tool to clean your pipe.

Lighter Compartment

Some dugouts include an integrated lighter, which isn't a standard feature.

How to Use a Dugout

First, open the dugout compartment that holds the ground herb and use a small tool, such as a toothpick or the included poker tool, to pack the herb tightly into the compartment.

Open the dugout compartment that holds the one-hitter pipe and remove the pipe. Then, load the pipe with your bud. You can insert the pipe into the compartment holding the herb. Twist the pipe back and forth to pack the herb into the pipe's bowl.

Inhale deeply from the pipe while lighting the herb in the bowl with a lighter. Take a slow, steady hit, and then exhale.

What to Look For in a Dugout

With so many dugouts available, you must pick one based on your needs and preferences.

Material: There are pros and cons to metal, silicone, and wood, so pick one based on your priorities and preferences.

Price: Dugouts come in different price points based on their features and the included accessories.

Size: Although most dugouts are pocket-sized, they still measure and weigh differently.

Design: Metal designs are sleeker and more stylish, while wood can be more intricate.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning your dugout is essential to prevent contamination and enhance the smoking experience that your pipe delivers. First, empty the compartments and wipe them down with a paper towel. If your dugout has a poker tool, use it to scrape off any residue in the one-hitter pipe's bowl.

Then, soak the pipe in rubbing alcohol or a pipe-cleaning solution for several minutes. Use the tool to scrub the inside of the bowl and stem of the pipe, then rinse it thoroughly. Dry your dugout thoroughly before using it again.

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Ready to toke on the go? Smoke Cartel stocks a vast inventory of dugouts from the top brands. From elegant metal dugouts with integrated grinders to quirky Cheech and Chong dugouts, we have them all!



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