Everyone thinks that herb is the most important part of the process. But even if you have all the kush in the world beyond your wildest fantasies, it is completely useless without a lighter. The lighter is the silent warrior, letting herb have all the glamor of the spotlight while it lurks in the shadows confident in its supreme power.

In your mind's eye, you're likely thinking of the iconic Bic Lighter. We all owe a tremendous amount of respect to this staple of human existence. But lighters have come a long way since then.

Instead of choosing to be stuck in the stone ages, many ingenious individuals (one of which I recently saw at a birthday party) have reinvented and innovated the device we thought we all knew.

"Don't reinvent the wheel." What if the wheel you do reinvent is better? Lighters like the VioSparc have even gone as far as to completely eliminate the flame in the first place. 

You'll find innovations like this and more amongst our collection of lighters.


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