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710 Dab Gear

Humankind's greatest gift is the spirit of innovation. It's the reason we were able to put a man on the moon. It's the reason why you can make coffee in 30 seconds with a Swedish robot. 

But above all, it's the reason why you can dab. If you're under 21, dabbing probably means something very different: so please leave. But if you're cool, you know that dabbing is the process of vaporizing waxy oil concentrates. 

Dabbing is a relatively recent invention in human history. Popularized at the end of the 20th century, it's now become a pillar of the smoking industry-- known for being by far the most potent form of ingestion. 

The ritual of dabbing is known to many as an art--  a delicate ballet performed with a butane torch, a glass rig, and a vision of greatness.

But as our species has pioneered further and further into the cosmos, dabbing has come with us. E-rigs, portable vaporizers, smart rigs, and such technological advances have taken an often complex process and made it as easy as pushing a single button.

Many electronic rigs now can even be controlled via bluetooth and an app on your smartphone. The possibilities are endless, and we have everything you need to fully personalize your dabbing ritual. Climb aboard and venture with us into the future. And bring Fritos.



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