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This Thing Rips OG Four 2.0 - Review

The chrome look and feel of the pen coupled with the slight orange accents on the light and chamber are just something I can not get enough of.  They provide the deep dish that we see in all of their pens and that I am sure we all appreciate.

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Purr Glass "Bottle Oil Rig"- Review

It's quality glass, and as a casual smoker, this rig provides exactly what I need: good airflow, subtle flavor, and a low profile.

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"The Engine Driver" Gear Perc Straight Tube Water Pipe with White Accents - Review

I’ll admit to underestimating this piece.  I thought that it would just be a brief blip on my radar before I went shopping for something bigger and better, but honestly it just gets the job done right without being too flashy or intimidating.  Honestly, I’ve been able to get much larger hits from this affordable little guy than some of the pieces worth twice this price.

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Three Monkey Designs "Magic Lamp" 10-Arm Tree Body Concentrate Rig - Review

The aesthetics are brilliant! It's beautifully crafted with a diffused showerhead downstem, and the 10-arm tree body is mind blowing, I rarely see a piece where the perc is incorporated into the the body, as is with this rig.

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Sesh Supply "Ossa" Propellor Perc Faberge Egg Bubbler - Review

In the case of this water pipe I believe weird is good, and after using it, I think weird is the best when it comes to an awesome tabletop dab rig!

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