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The Best Cheap Dab Rigs for Beginners

Dabbing has gained significant popularity among cannabis enthusiasts, making dab rigs quite popular. Dab rigs allow you to vape concentrates and cool off hits with water filtration, just like bongs do with dry herbs. Manufacturers have responded by offering more and more types of dab rigs at more affordable prices, perfect for beginners looking to get started. This blog is...

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dry herb vapes

The Best Dry Herb Vaporizers in 2023

Smokeless and portable dry herb vaporizers are fast gaining traction with a growing number of enthusiasts these days. They help conserve your herb (which saves money) and are known to...

By Adam Frost

9 Minute Read


The Best Dugout One Hitters of 2023

Have you ever struggled to keep your on-the-go herb sessions discreet? If so, one-hitter dugouts offer an all-in-one solution, combining convenience and discretion with style. Below we'll talk about the...

By Adam Frost

9 Minute Read

thc gummies

The Best THC Gummies to Buy in 2023

THC gummies are a rapidly-growing consumer favorite in the cannabis market. A product recently limited to only medical and recreational dispensaries in certain states and locales, they are now widely...

By Adam Frost

7 Minute Read

A Brief History of Vaping

The evolution of vaping has been a long and gradual process that has resulted in the wide range of devices and vape options available to you today. Let’s discuss vaping,...

By Carlyn Atkinson

8 Minute Read

What is a wax pen?

If you love cannabis, you’d have heard of wax pens. Cannabis wax pens are e-cigarettes’ look-alike, designed for melting, vaporizing, and smoking cannabis concentrates. People particularly use them because they...

By Carlyn Atkinson

7 Minute Read

How to Use a Dab Rig for Beginners

Maybe it’s your first time, or you just need some brushing up on how to take a dab: either way, these steps will leave you feeling confident and ready to...

By Carlyn Atkinson

5 Minute Read

What is Delta 8 vs Delta 9 THC?

What Is Delta-8? Have you ever heard of delta-8 THC, the lesser-known cousin of the perennial Delta-9 THC we all know and love? Delta-8 THC is an an exciting new cannabidiol...

By Carlyn Atkinson

10 Minute Read

How to Hit a Bong, for Beginners

If you've started researching cannabis and how to consume it, you've no doubt come across terms like bongs, bowls, toking, and hits. But what do these terms mean, and what's...

By Carlyn Atkinson

4 Minute Read

How to Clean a Dab Rig

No matter the piece you smoke from, cleaning it is incredibly important, especially if you're the type of stoner who enjoys sharing with your best buds. After a few sessions and...

By Carlyn Atkinson

5 Minute Read

How to Use a One Hitter Pipe

New to smoking, or just enjoy things in moderation and want to see what the hype is all about? Keep reading to learn how to use a one hitter pipe and find...

By Carlyn Atkinson

17 Minute Read


NEW! Smoke Cartel Gear

Your favorite smoke shop has officially dropped some street style for the 420 lifestyle. Smoke Cartel gear brings a range of exclusive accessories including shirts, backpacks, pins and much more just...

By Smoke Cartel

4 Minute Read

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