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Gone are the days when owning a high-quality bong meant spending a fortune. The growing popularity of bongs has led to an impressive array of affordable options in 2024.

Whether you're an experienced smoker or new to the scene, you don't have to spend a lot of money to get a quality water pipe. In this blog, we've put together a list of the best bongs available for under $100. We will showcase that you can get great functionality and style without breaking the bank.

Understanding Bongs and Their Popularity

Bongs, also known as water pipes, have a rich history dating back centuries, evolving into a popular method for cannabis consumption. Their design, typically featuring a bowl, stem, water chamber, and mouthpiece, is designed to filter smoke through water, resulting in a smoother hit.

This filtration, combined with the ability to cool smoke, contributes to its enduring popularity among cannabis enthusiasts. Bongs have evolved from simple bamboo tubes to intricate glass pieces, reflecting both artistic expression and functional innovation in the world of smoking accessories.

Key Components of a Quality Bong

When it comes to bongs, a quality piece includes essential components like a mouthpiece, shaft, chamber, and bowl that result in a smooth and water-filtered smoking experience, regardless of the price. Additional features to enhance your smoking sessions can include percolators for better filtration, ice pinches for cooler smoke, and ash catchers to keep the bong clean.

Even affordable bongs under $100 come equipped with these essential elements, ensuring a satisfying and efficient smoking session every time.

Why are Some Bongs Expensive?

There are several reasons why some bongs are more expensive than others: 


The manufacturing origin significantly

influences bong prices. American-made bongs are often pricier due to their use of superior materials and craftsmanship. In contrast, bongs made in China or other countries may use less expensive materials, lowering prices.


Brands like RooR and Grav Labs have carved out a niche as purveyors of high-quality, premium glass bongs. Their established reputation allows them to charge a premium for their products. For a deeper dive into top-tier bong brands, check out our article on the best bong brands in 2023

Build Quality 

The durability and thickness of the glass are crucial in determining a bong's price. Thicker, high-quality borosilicate glass, known for its resilience and clarity, usually means a higher price tag.


Innovations like percolators and ashcatchers, which enhance the smoking experience by cooling and filtering smoke, also contribute to a bong's cost. While adding to the price, these features significantly improve the functionality and smoking experience.

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Understanding these factors can help you navigate the wide range of prices in the bong market and find a product that suits your needs and budget.

The Benefits of a Cheaper Bong

They’re Still High Quality 

The evolution of commercial glassblowing has significantly broadened the range of quality bongs available at pocket-friendly prices. Today, many affordable bongs boast qualities that rival their pricier counterparts, thanks to advancements in glassblowing techniques and materials like borosilicate glass. This means you can maintain functionality and durability, even with a budget-friendly water pipe.

More Easily Replaceable 

The reality of owning a glass bong is that it might break. Opting for a cheaper bong softens the blow, both financially and emotionally. Their affordability makes them more disposable and less of a heartache to replace, ensuring your smoking experience remains uninterrupted.

They Make Great Gifts 

Looking for an affordable yet thoughtful gift for cannabis enthusiasts? Bongs strike a perfect balance between practicality and thoughtfulness, leaving the recipient impressed with the perceived value for the actual cost.

The 10 Best Bongs Under $100

Sesh Supply "Persephone" Cube Perc Heavy Glass Bong

The "Persephone" by Sesh Supply stands out as a top pick under $100. Its 13.5" height, cube perc for superior diffusion, ice catch for cool hits, and durable borosilicate glass construction make it a reliable and stylish choice for any sesh.

Cheech & Chong Official Beaker Bong

Celebrate stoner culture with the Cheech & Chong Official Beaker Bong. Crafted from durable borosilicate glass, this 12-inch piece features iconic graphics and a slitted perc for smooth hits. Perfect for dry herb enthusiasts seeking quality and nostalgia under $100. 

Famous X Straight Tube Water Pipe

Crafted from robust 4mm borosilicate glass, this 12-inch bong ensures smooth hits with its slitted diffuser downstem and ice notches for cool, frosty draws. Its clear glass and black accents add a sleek touch to your smoking session, making it a standout choice for quality and affordability.

Dopezilla Chimera Water Pipe

The Dopezilla Chimera Water Pipe, crafted from durable borosilicate glass, offers a premium smoking experience. Its removable slitted downstem and ice notches ensure smooth, cool hits. The ergonomic flared mouthpiece and handy bowl handle enhance comfort and convenience, making it a standout choice for a bong under $100.

Dopezilla Cerebrus Water Pipe

The Dopezilla Cerberus combines premium borosilicate glass construction with a sleek, color-accented design. Its straight tube shape delivers powerful hits, softened by a bullet-hole ice pinch for smoothness. It's a durable and stylish choice for any enthusiast, featuring a honeycomb perc and available in two sizes.

Dopezilla Hydra Water Pipe

Embrace the power of the Dopezilla Hydra, a bong that combines mythic design with practical functionality. Crafted from durable 5mm borosilicate glass, it features a tree percolator for smooth filtration and a bullet-hole ice pinch for cool hits. Available in two sizes and colors, this beastly bong ensures a monstrous yet refined smoking session under $100.

KindVibez Bubble Base Water Pipe

The Blue Razz Bubble Base Water Pipe is a top pick for its compact size and stylish design. A bent neck for comfortable use and durable clear glass build with a blue hemp leaf motif make this 6-inch bong perfect for on-the-go smoking sessions. With its 45-degree joint and removable downstem, this water pipe is an excellent choice if you want quality under $100.

LA Pipes Borosilicate Glass Straight Tube Bong

For a reliable and stylish daily driver ride, with the LA Pipes Borosilicate Glass Straight Tube Bong. They are handcrafted in LA with durable borosilicate glass, an ice pinch for cool hits, and a stable base. Its compact 8-inch height and colorful accents make it ideal for home and on-the-go use.

KindVibez Ethereal Iridescent Bent Neck Water Pipe

The Ethereal Iridescent Water Pipe by KindVibez is an excellent bong for under $100. Its bent neck design ensures safety and ease of use, while the iridescent glass adds a mesmerizing touch. Enjoy cool hits with its ice pinch, making it a standout addition to any collection.

Lil Lizard Beaker Base Bong

The Lil Lizard Beaker Base Bong stands out for its elegant design and sturdy build. Crafted from durable borosilicate glass, it features a comfortable, thick mouthpiece and a striking Dopezilla decal. Its slitted diffuser downstem ensures a smooth smoking experience, making it a valuable addition to any collection.

Final Thoughts 

Finding high-quality bongs for under $100 is possible without compromising functionality or style. For a wide selection of affordable bongs, visit Smoke Cartel, your go-to online headshop for budget-friendly smoking accessories. And if dabbing is more your style, take advantage of our guide on the best dab rigs under $50, perfect for those who prefer concentrates.

Affordable Bong FAQs

Are expensive bongs worth it? 

High-priced bongs may offer superior quality and durability, but many affordable options provide a satisfactory balance between cost and performance, especially for casual users.

What materials are commonly used in budget-friendly bongs? 

Budget bongs frequently utilize borosilicate glass and silicone, offering durability and a quality smoking experience at a lower price point.

Can a cheaper bong offer a smooth smoking experience? 

Cheaper bongs can deliver a smooth experience. Many budget-friendly bongs from reputable brands are designed to offer a smooth smoking session.

What are some recommended bongs under $100? 

Smaller glass bongs and acrylic models are great options for those seeking quality smoking accessories without breaking the bank.

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