The Best Cheap Dab Rigs for Beginners

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Dabbing has gained significant popularity among cannabis enthusiasts, making dab rigs quite popular. Dab rigs allow you to vape concentrates and cool off hits with water filtration, just like bongs do with dry herbs.

Manufacturers have responded by offering more and more types of dab rigs at more affordable prices, perfect for beginners looking to get started.

This blog is all about the best cheap dab rigs of 2023 that are perfect for beginners or those who may be a bit on the clumsier side regarding their glass collections. Before diving in, let's look at some of the features to consider in a cheap dab rig and their benefits.

Key Features in Cheap Dab Rigs: What to Look For

If you're looking for an affordable dab rig, here's what you need to keep in mind:

  • Size and Portability: For beginners, smaller and more compact dab rigs are often the way to go. These rigs are easier to handle and transport, making them perfect for beginners who may be dabbing at home and on the go.
  • Simplicity and Accessibility: Many inexpensive dab rigs have straightforward designs that make them more affordable, easier to use, and clean up, perfect for newcomers to the dabbing scene.
  • Joint Size and Type: Pay attention to the joint size and type of the dab rig. Most affordable options come with standard joint sizes, such as 14mm or 10mm, making finding compatible accessories like e-nails and other dab nails or bangers easier.
  • Material Quality: While cheap dab rigs are more budget-friendly, you should pay close attention to the material your wax rig is made of. Borosilicate glass is a great option since it's quite durable and resilient while preserving the flavor of your concentrates.
  • Percolation and Filtration: Some affordable dab rigs may come with basic percolators or filtration systems to help cool down the vapor and provide a smoother hit. While these may not be as intricate as higher-end rigs, some percolation may help to cool off your hits better than a straightforward piece.

Benefits of Cheap Dab Rigs

Here are some of the benefits of having a cheap little dab rig:


The most obvious advantage of cheap dab rigs is their affordability. With them, you can try dabbing without significant financial commitment. They're a great option to get started in the world of concentrates without spending much money on a high-end water pipe.

Good for Beginners

Cheap dab rigs are ideal for beginners just starting their dabbing journey. They offer a simple way to explore dabbing without overwhelming newbies with complex setups and features they probably won't use anyway.

Instead, cheap dab rigs are perfect for beginners who won't need to spend a lot of time cleaning and maintaining their pieces.

Easy to Replace

Accidents can happen, especially for those new to dabbing. A beginner-friendly, inexpensive rig means that if it accidentally breaks, it will be less devastating to replace than a more expensive oil rig.

Plus, as you gain more experience and knowledge about dabbing preferences, you can upgrade your rig or try different styles. With a cheaper dab rig, transitioning to a new one is much easier on the wallet.


Many budget-friendly dab rigs are versatile and can be used with various accessories and attachments. This adaptability allows you, as a beginner, to experiment with different setups and find what works best for your dabbing style.

Now that you know what to look for in a rig and the benefits of going the cheaper route, let's explore the best cheap dab rigs for beginners, all available online at Smoke Cartel!

Top 10 Cheap Dab Rigs for Beginners

Are you looking for a new, affordable dab rig? Here are the best ones in the market:

Icon 'Hobbit' Dab Rig

The Icon 'Hobbit' Dab Rig by Diamond Glass is a great glass dab rig for beginners. Perfect for more than your pipeweed, this compact glass piece stands 7 inches tall and packs a simple downstem diffuser to filtrate your tokes while remaining sturdy and easy to clean.

Honeycomb Drip Dab Rig

This Honeycomb Drip Dab Rig packs a lot of value in a tiny package. Standing 6 inches tall, this mini dab rig is decorated with a honeycomb and bees theme.

This rig has a standard 14.5mm female joint, a matching quartz banger, and a comfortable rimmed mouthpiece, and a wide base to keep it stable.

Silicone & Glass Dab Rig Bubbler with Disc Perc

Combining the best of glass and silicone dab rigs, the Dab Rig Bubbler mixes the best of both worlds.

This hybrid rig has a silicone base and mouthpiece mixed with a glass water chamber and disc percolator, which can quickly be taken apart for cleaning and transporting.

Contact 10" Straight Tube with Banger

The "Contact" 10" Straight Tube is a funky-looking, reliable glass rig. Made by Famous Brandz as part of their premium range, this high-quality piece features a gold webbing design around it, with a black-rimmed mouthpiece and a black base that makes this design stand out from the crowd while keeping the design easy enough for beginners to clean and maintain.

Famous X Bell Dab Rig

The Famous X Bell Dab Rig is an affordable mini rig with a bell-shaped design and a fixed downstem with a showerhead perc for a smoother dabbing experience. Made out of clear borosilicate glass, this compact piece has a wide water chamber and a slightly bent neck to double as a splash guard.

At just 6 inches tall, this rig is small and sturdy, perfect to take to your next sesh.

Piranha Quartz Beaker with Banger Nail

The Piranha Quartz Beaker is a budget-friendly rig with a simple design capable of big and smooth rips.

Standing just 5 inches tall, this tiny rig features a fixed slitted percolator for simple filtration and a bent neck to prevent splashes.

Mini Hour Glass Oil Rig

The Mini Hour Glass Oil Rig features a compact and stylish design, perfect for beginners and experienced dabbers alike. Despite its small size, it delivers surprisingly smooth hits thanks to its disc percolator that filtrates your rips before exiting through the rimmed mouthpiece. The wide base design makes it very stable.

Pulsar Mini Bi-Color Beaker Rig

The Pulsar Mini Bi-Color Beaker Rig lets you enjoy water filtration in a device almost as pocketable as a glass pipe. Standing just 3.5 inches tall, this tiny rig features ice catchers and a downstem percolator, with a bi-color design that adds a touch of elegance to your dabbing sessions.

Ooze Rip Tide Mini Recycler Dab Rig

The Ooze Rip Tide Mini Recycler Dab Rig features a recycler design for extra filtration and cooler hits.

With a sturdy design, this compact rig is perfect for those looking for cool hits without churning out a lot for a complex piece.

Grav Labs Clear Vapor Straw & Dish

Are you looking for something more portable and discreet? This simple nectar collector comes with a matching dish to keep your concentrates. Simply dip your hot dab straw into the dish and vape away!

Made for a streamlined smoking experience, it's the perfect dabbing device to take on the go.

Alternatives to Cheap Dab Rigs

Interested in something more elegant? Check out all of our dab rigs available for sale online at our Dab Rigs page in our smoke shop! If you're still looking for more smoking accessories, check out our Top 10 Best Dab Rigs of 2023, our Top 10 Cheap Dab Pens, and our Top 10 Best Electric Dab Rigs to get you everything you need to start dabbing.

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