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Best 10 Dab Rigs of 2020

By Bradley Wilkerson in 2020

You deserve the best! 

We love lists as much as you do. That's why Smoke Cartel has compiled a Top 10 Guide to the best dab rigs of the year, each vetted by our team of smoking accessory enthusiasts. 

So how did we decide on the best dab rigs?  When shopping for a glass dab rig, most of our customers are considering:

  • Filtration: How is the dab rig diffusing smoke?  Most dab rigs offer a simple diffusion because traditional bongs offer more intensive filtration because combusted dry herb material requires better diffusion - while wax, oils, and concentrates don't need as much diffusion because of the focus on flavor.
  • Style: Dab rigs come in several styles, from recycler, in-cyclers, mini rigs, nectar collectors, and various themes, colors and styles.
  • Dab Nail: Choose an appropriate dab nail - from the popular quartz banger, to titanium, ceramic, and other domeless nails.

No need to traipse around the internet looking for the highest quality, thickest glass and original designs—we've got the cream of the crop right here!

2020 Top 10 Dab Rigs

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Tank Glass The Original Tank Beaker - Dab Rigs


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Tank Glass "The Original" Tank Beaker


Sesh Supply Calypso Inline Sidecar Mini Rig - Dab Rigs Flash Deal

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Sesh Supply "Calypso" Inline Sidecar Mini Rig

Inline Perc Mini Dab Bubbler Rig - Dab Rigs


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Inline Perc Mini Dab Bubbler Rig

The China Glass Tang Vase Glass Water Pipe - Dab Rigs


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The China Glass "Tang" Vase Glass Water Pipe


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