Blunt Wraps

Blunts have been long adored by tokers as one of the most iconic forms of smoking. The traditional blunt is made by emptying out a tobacco cigarillo and replacing the herb inside with... something else. This also creates a "spliff" of sorts, because typically the wrap itself contains tobacco as well. 

But blunts can be a bit unsavory for the many, many smokers who would prefer to avoid tobacco and the other harmful unknown additives a 7-Eleven cigarillo may or may not contain.

Thus, many blunt wraps have hit the market containing no tobacco and made entirely out of all-natural hemp, fittingly referred to as "hemp wraps."

Hemp wraps are truly a wonderful gift the Universe has given us here on this Earth, as they are all-natural yet still retain the same physical properties that made blunts so popular in the first place. Some also have the added benefit of giving you a small kiss of CBD, as well.

Here you will find an extensive catalogue of blunt wraps, most of which are hemp-derived. You'll also find some more novelty materials, such as gold wraps for when you're feeling like a big shot. Regardless of the material, any blunt you can choose here is sure to be as iconic as you can get. 



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