Rolling Trays

Less mess = less stress: that’s why you need to have a rolling tray when rolling joints, grinding herbs for your vape, or doing anything else herb-related. Set yourself up for success with a proper tray, and help stop your precious herb from tumbling onto the shag carpet.

But probably the most compelling reason to get a rolling tray is that their design makes the actual process of rolling much easier from a functional standpoint. Even the most basic rolling tray has high-edged sides and a shape designed to collect your herb towards the center. And that only scratches the surface of what some rolling trays have to offer! You can even get a rolling kit with attachments/accessories designed to make your rolling process even easier.

Rolling trays are a great way to personalize your smoking ritual in a way that's unique to you and fine-tune your process in ways you'll soon realize you can't live without.

What is a Rolling Tray

A rolling tray is a flat, shallow tray made to give you a portable space for grinding, rolling, packing, and prepping your dry herb. They’re usually made out of metal, wood, or plastic, and come in multiple sizes and designs, from simple flat rectangles to more complex trays with spaces to sort your herb and your rolling accessories as you roll up.

However, the most common rolling trays are usually simple, small to medium-sized trays made to give you a proper working surface when you’re rolling.

Rolling trays help you keep your rolling place tidy and save cannabis, since they catch all the debris you inevitably get when handling your flower. You can also keep your smoking items in them, making them perfect for taking your rolling kit on the go.

Benefits of Rolling Trays

Rolling trays are a must in your collection. Here’s why smokers love them:

  • Convenient: A nice large rolling tray offers you a convenient and self-contained surface where you can prep everything for your next sesh.
  • Clean: The raised edges of a rolling tray help you keep your space neat and tidy during your sesh by encompassing your rolling area. That way, any debris is contained and can be swiftly scooped up to top off your roll, instead of going all over the table. And just in case your table itself isn’t very clean (accidents happen, we get it), rolling trays separate your herb from any spills or dust.
  • Portable: A small rolling tray with a magnetic lid can double as a stash box to keep all your smoking accessories in one place, anywhere you go.
  • Customizable: Trays are made in different designs and materials, making it easy for you to find a custom rolling tray that fits your rolling style and matches the rest of your accessories.

Types of Rolling Trays

Here are the main kinds of rolling trays:

Metal Rolling Trays

Metal rolling trays are some of the best-selling smoking accessories out there thanks to them being reliable and easy to clean. Made out of aluminum or stainless steel, these sturdy and durable trays are resistant to scratches and dents, and come with multiple printed designs.

You can choose a metal tray like this one from Cheech & Chong in your favorite size, and trust it’ll last you a long time.

Wooden Rolling Trays

Wooden rolling trays are popular among stoners thanks to their natural feel and aesthetic.

Although you can find expensive wooden rolling trays made out of solid pieces of wood, you can get an affordable bamboo rolling tray like this one, made by ONGROK, made out of sustainable wood and featuring small and flat compartments to store your accessories.

Marble Rolling Trays

Although not as common, marble rolling trays are popular thanks to their elegant and sophisticated look. High-quality weed rolling trays like this pink marble design can offer you a sturdy and robust flat surface that’s very easy to clean and looks a bit more luxurious than the rest.

Rolling Tray Sets (Kits)

Rolling tray kits come with everything you need to start rolling. Kits like the Blaze by Blue Bus Fine Tools give you a professional-looking setup to start rolling, including a herb grinder, a tin case, jars, a grinder, rolling cones, mini scissors, and even a little ashtray!

Buy Rolling Trays Online at Smoke Cartel

Whether you’re looking for an unbreakable silicone tray, a luxurious marble tray, or a good and simple magnetic rolling tray to keep your stuff, you can find the best rolling trays at Smoke Cartel, the best head shop for all your smoking accessories.

Check out our rolling tray collection below, and don’t forget to look at our rolling papers, bongs, and dab rigs to complete your smoking set.



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