Rolling Trays

If eat a bowl of cereal, you need to have a placemat-- otherwise you'll get milk and Corn Flakes all over your table. Then you'll attract bugs and never find a girlfriend. This same principle is why you need to have a rolling tray when preparing a joint (or really anything else herb-related).

But probably the most compelling reason to get a rolling tray is that their design makes the actual process of rolling much easier from a functional standpoint. Even the most basic rolling tray has high edged sides and a shape designed to collect your herb towards the center.

That only scratches the surface of what some rolling trays have to offer. You can even get a rolling kit with attachments/accessories designed to make your rolling process easier.

Rolling trays are a great way to personalize your smoking ritual in a way that's unique to you and fine tune your process in ways you'll soon realize you can't live without.


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