Vaporizer Accessories

Add on an essential.

Here you’ll find our collection of accessories to keep your favorite vaporizer functioning just like new. Whether you’re looking for a sweet add-on or a replacement coil, your favorite headshop has you covered.

If the flavor quality or vapor production of your vaporizer has decreased, replace the coil on your vape and you’ll experience terpene-rich hits once again.

Need a refill? We've got empty cartridges for days. 

Charger dead? We carry replacement power sources for all kinds of popular vaporizers.

If you’re looking for an even smoother vaping experience, Smoke Cartel has a few functional pre-cooling attachments. These pre-coolers function to cool your vapor by sending it through an elaborate percolation chamber, similar to a water pipe. Some pre-coolers feature straightforward and streamlined designs, but Smoke Cartel even carries an intricate recycler precooler to add crazy function to your vape seshes! I




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