A bong without a downstem is just a bottle with a hole. 

Pretty useless, right? A downstem is an essential glass piece that fits into a water pipe joint. Basically it makes it all happen.

Downstems function to carry smoke from the slide (or bowl piece) into the water chamber of your glass pipe to filter and cool each hit. Downstems are available in a variety of different sizes and lengths, so it is absolutely essential to know what you need before purchasing one.

Before you pull the trigger on your purchase, check out our Knowledge Base article regarding joint sizes and gender, we’d hate for you to purchase the wrong sized downstem!

Downstems feature an extra measurement not relevant with other glass accessories—length. When measuring the length of your downstem, make sure to start at the very bottom of the sandblasted segment and continue to the end, past the diffuser. If you measure the entire length of the glass accessory, you will get an inaccurate length and may purchase an incompatible downstem.

Downstems are created with many different percolators, providing excellent percolation and allowing smokers to customize their favorite bongs. Looking to replace your classic slitted downstem? We’ve got a variety of sizes to fit any water pipe.

Want to upgrade to a downstem with tree arm percs or a showerhead? We’ve got those too, and many more!



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