Drop Down

Easy conversion, superior connection.

Drop downs are accessories typically used with dab rigs. These accessories enable dabbers to easily convert rigs to joints of different sizes and genders, adding a degree of versatility to any collection.

Have you always wanted to put your 14mm honey bucket on your 10mm rig? You can with a drop down!

Drop downs are used for more than just adapting your piece; they function to create distance between the hot nail and the joint. This distance helps to reduce heat stress generated by the intense heat of a blow torch. 

Heat stress occurs overtime as heat is transferred from the nail to the joint and can lead to cracks or breaks on the joint. If the break is large enough it can even render the joint useless. The worst part about heat stress is that it takes place gradually, going unnoticed until it’s too late and the damage is done.

Drop downs are also excellent tools for catching reclaim, keeping your rig significantly cleaner. While reclaimers are different accessories, the shape of drop downs allows reclaim to naturally gather at the bottom of the joint.

Feel free to remove your drop down and harness your reclaim with a dabber for later use, or place the entire drop down in cleaning solution for easy cleaning.

Drop downs allow the most relaxed smokers to maintain a cleaner piece by catching excess oil that would have ended up in the water chamber.



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