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Themed Pipes, Bongs, and More

You're born. You go to school. You go to work. You get old. You go to dialysis. You suffer. Then it's all over. The end. Arrivederci. If you're lucky, maybe you get married. Maybe you have kids. Maybe even a few friends. But no matter what actors you choose for your performance, it is the same script. 

Here's some good news. One day, you will die. Nothing that happened will matter. You won't remember any of it-- you'll be dirt. Dirt doesn't remember anything. 

So sieze the day. Call out sick. Steal a stop sign. Smoke some pot. Buy a hand pipe that's shaped like a hot dog. Live. Love. Laugh. 

Because we live in an empty, cold, inhospitable universe. Yet we are lucky enough to be huddled together for warmth around this hearty campfire we call home.

Enjoy it! We need to do whatever we can. Any spark of joy we can find, we must grasp and hold it close.

Our collection of Themed Pipes, Bongs, and More, will help you do just that. A bong shaped like a unicorn. A hand pipe shaped like a human vulva. An ice cream cone. Pickle Rick. Anything you can imagine!

Welcome to heaven. We'll take your coat.  



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