Best 10 Spoons of 2018

By Jessica Leigh Lebos in 2018

Searching for the perfect bowl?

Glass spoon pipes, also known as "smoking a bowl" or hand pipes or dry pipes, are the original and time-tested smoker's tool. 

A spoon pipe is a simple concept: Usually made from high-quality borosilicate glass, spoons feature an indented section called a bowl where smokers pack their loose leaf tobacco or other legal dry herbs.

A hollow center usually protrudes to a mouthpiece and spoon pipes usually features a carb (or carburetor) that let clean air into the pipe to more easily clear it the passageway.

We asked cannabis consumers what they considered when shopping for a spoon:

  • Style & Color: There are infinite amounts of different themes, colors, and styles of spoon pipes.  Choosing the one that's right for you is up to your personal style.
  • Bowl Size: Does the bowl size of the spoon meet your criteria?  Is it big enough, deep enough?

Based off their responses, we searched through thousands of different spoon pipes to be able to offer you a plethora of different styles, colors, shapes, features, and uniquely themed spoons. Here's our list of the top 10 spoons of the year!


2018 Top 10 Spoons

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Jessica Leigh Lebos

Jessica Leigh Lebos

Communications Strategist for Smoke Cartel, Inc. Jessica is a long time believer and supporter of Cannabis Reform and even has a seat on the Board of Directors for Reform Georgia, a non profit dedicated to building a better justice system. #ReformGA held a big hand in the recent decriminalization of cannabis in the city of Savannah, GA.

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Not for soup.  Also known as hand pipes or dry pipes, spoons are the quintessential smoker's tool. Pocket-sized and easy to use, spoon pipes also come in an infinite array of designs and colors.  Spoons, which are not for eating or stirring unless you want to make a real mess, feature three main parts: At one end, they feature an indented chamber with a hole called the bowl. This chamber is where smokers will pack and light their favorite herbs. Spoons...

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