The Pros and Cons of Perc Bongs

What's great and what's not when it comes to percolators?

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A percolator bong, also just known as a "perc bong," is an exceptional glass design that increases the flow of water filtration inside a water pipe by adding an extra chamber for heavy smoke to be filtered through. There are several different types of percolator available, but they all serve the same purpose: to enhance the water filtration process, so your bong hit is as smooth and delicious as possible.

Styles of Percolators

All percolators will provide an extra layer of filtration for the smoke, making for a much more enjoyable and smooth smoking experience. Different percolators will accomplish this differently. They will also contribute a different aesthetic touch to each piece. These are some of the most common styles of percolators:

  1. Fab Egg
  2. Propellor Perc
  3. Inline Perc
  4. Perc Bong
  5. Tree Perc

Infinity Bong - Pros and Cons of Perc Bongs

Pros of Percolators

  1. Percs produce a cooler, fresher, richer smoke than perc-free pipes.
  2. Consumers also report that bongs intensify the experience of smoking because the inhalation rips are more significant and quicker due to the smoke being condensed.
  3. The Water Pipe and Vaporizer Study also imply that bongs filter out more tar than most devices although not as much as other ways. The water traps heavier and water-soluble particles that are dangerous to the respiratory system, including cytotoxins that attack immune cells. This is an essential discovery for patients who have immunodeficiency disorders, such as HIV/AIDS.

Cons of Percolators

  1. Too many percolators can make it hard to rip. If you don't have a lot of lung-power, save the triple perc bongs for special occasions!
  2. Perc bongs require more tools to clean -- you'll want to get some (luckily affordable) pipe cleaners and set in Isopropyl more frequently to keep the fine holes that create the cooling, lightening perc effect clean.
  3. Bongs are designed as showpieces, so they are not easy to travel with or conceal at home. Mini bongs and collapsible bongs are the exceptions to this general rule.

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