What is a wax pen?

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If you love cannabis, you’d have heard of wax pens. Cannabis wax pens are e-cigarettes’ look-alike, designed for melting, vaporizing, and smoking cannabis concentrates. People particularly use them because they are easy to maintain and can deliver up to 4 times the THC than average marijuana cigarettes.

The wax pen’s basic constituents comprise a mouthpiece, atomizer (heating chamber), and battery. An atomizer is a refillable chamber with heating coils that vaporizes the wax and releases clouds through the mouthpiece. Most wax pens come with ceramic coils, for it makes the oven herb-compatible. For example, check out Puffco plus dab pen.

Beginners often waste lots of wax, hit too much THC, and mishandle their newly bought pen, which ruins their pen and smoking session. In this article, we’ll show you how to handle your wax pen, the pros and cons of using one, and whether or not you should buy it.


What Goes into Wax Pens?

People often confuse wax pens with vape pens and dab pens. A Wax pen vape cartridge is particularly designed to melt wax at high temperatures. Wax pens are easier to maintain than dab pens and have better temperature control than vape pens.

Complete newbies and even herb connoisseurs should treat flowers and concentrates differently because they have distinct THC values. Flowers carry about 15 - 25 percent THC, whereas concentrates are much refined and can have THC ranging from 80 to 100 percent.

As concentrates go up the refinement process, their terpene profile worsens. For the uninitiated, THC is the psychoactive substance that gets you high, and terpenes have a soothing effect and are flavorful.

Also, many e-cigarette users, when using wax pens for the first time, may try to wick their cannabis oils. Unlike e-liquids, THC oils are highly viscous, which means the wick will cause inconsistent vapors, poor taste, and leakage. Don’t wick concentrates!


Solvent concentrates:

Although flower is messy because it leaves residue, concentrates are not considered newbie-friendly either. Following are some concentrates with their cannabinoids profile. This will help you choose how much and what type of concentrate goes into your wax pen. Keep in mind these THC level are only generalizations, and this will vary for every concentrate:

  1. Budders — They have a soft, viscous, and oily texture. They also have the highest amount of terpenes compared to other concentrate types. Budders have become the most popular choice because now you can get 80 - 90 percent THC in them with a great terpene profile.

  2. Crumble — Crumbles are a brittle version of budders. However, they are produced on low heat, which keeps them flavorful. (90 percent THC)

  3. Shatters — Contain 80 percent THC and are commonly used among avid wax pen users. Compared to budders, shatters have a longer shelf life. Shatters don’t contain terpenes.

  4. Crystalline (diamonds) — The purest form of concentrate (as distillates) with 99 percent THC but zero terpenes. Diamonds are often mixed with sauce for added terpenes and flavor.

  5. Oil, wax, and sauce — Range from 80 to 90 percent THC. These three only differ in texture and consistency.

Various solvents (like butane hash oil, propane hash oil, and carbon dioxide) are used to manufacture these concentrates. Product quality depends on how well these solvents are filtered out from the finished goods.


Solventless concentrates

This class is popular because it doesn’t require lab-graded filtering equipment and chemicals (solvents) to manufacture. Solventless cannabis concentrates can be produced at home with any strain.

For example, rosin, hash, and 6*hash are manufactured purely via hot-pressing a cannabis strain. However, people who buy dry herbs prefer smoking them directly through a joint or dry herb vaporizer like PAX.


Wax Pens Best Practices

Your wax pen will get clogged and sticky over time, and you’ll notice brown and sticky deposits on the insides of your wax pen. This gunk is called reclaim and can be smoked again. Although they keep 40 percent of the original’s potency, many people prefer to drain it.


Steps to Clean Your Wax Pen

Most wax pen users make coil replacements every month because they don’t clean them often enough. The residue often clogs and rots the crevices of the coil and creates a terrible taste. If you use your wax pen regularly, clean it at least once every week.

  1. When cleaning your wax pen, start with the gunkiest part of the pen, the mouthpiece, and then clean the atomizer.

  2. The residue is soluble in isopropyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and vinegar, so you can either use a soaked cotton swab to wipe or, better yet, dip the mouthpiece and atomizer in the solution for 20 minutes.

  3. Only use isopropyl alcohol for metallic mouthpieces and 50% diluted hydrogen-peroxide/vinegar for mouthpieces made from ebonite or plastic. Conversely, all atomizers can go into the isopropyl solution.

  4. After finishing the process, wipe the components with a cloth and allow them to dry.


Why You Should Buy a Cannabis Wax Pen?


  1. They allow you to manage your high.

  2. Wax pen fuel is compatible with dab rigs

  3. One load-out allows intermittent tokes for an entire day.

  4. Cleaner than joints and herb vaporizers.

  5. They are more flavorful than joints and more potent than herbs.

  6. Pocket-friendly and smoke-ready with multiple options (like waxes, CBD oil vape, etc).

  7. Versatile with temperature control options.



Disadvantages of wax pens over other cannabis vaping devices:

  1. They need higher maintenance and regular cleaning compared to vape pens.

  2. Lower battery life because it has to maintain higher temperatures. You must carry a charger with you on long trips.

  3. Takes 2 to 4 hours to charge the vape pen battery.

  4. Concentrates are bong-compatible but inefficient because of low airflow control.



Overall, a wax pen is a connoisseur-class product made for dabbers who seek a stellar vaping experience. Wax pens are great for people who smoke in professional settings or intermittently due to changing schedules. They are also reliable for people who often find themselves in unanticipated events or situations and need a quick boost.

You can find top-quality concentrates and wax pens in our store! Check them out before they run out of stock! (Concentrates and Wax pens)

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