Best 10 Quartz Bangers & Nails of 2024

By Bradley Wilkerson in 2024

Nail the best nail!

The number one choice of nail material for the average dabber is quartz. 

Demand for quartz nails for dabbers has increased over the past few years, because, well it's the best stuff for the job. While quartz is less durable than titanium, quartz bangers and nails offers users a faster heat up time and superior flavor. By comparison to titanium or ceramic nails, quartz nails have lower heat retention times but offer the convenience of faster heating so dabbers can get to their ideal temperatures while seshing.

Dabbers also love quartz for it's clean aesthetic, and many concentrate enthusiasts are switching to quartz as their primary dabbing nail.

What do customers often consider when choosing a dab nail?

  • Shape & Style: From domeless to dozers to the classic quartz banger shape, there are numerous styles, each with benefits and cons.
  • Thickness : A thicker wall is usually around 4mm and average thickness is around 2mm. The thicker the wall, the more durable it is against accidental drops and breaks, but the longer the heat up time.
  • Joint Size: Obviously, it's gotta fit the dab rig you're using.

Smoke Cartel's curated selection of the top 10 bangers and other quartz heating elements serves every taste. Our list contains cube style bangers and large trough style bangers for people who love to dab BIG. Some of our quartz nails feature hinged caps for easy low temp dabbing.

We’ve even got direct inject quartz nails if that’s your style!


2024 Top 10 Quartz Bangers & Nails

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