Best 10 Bubblers of 2018

By Jessica Leigh Lebos in 2018

It's bubble time!

So you're shopping for a bubbler. You're not alone. Bubblers are one of the most popular portable water pipes because they offer water pipe function and filtration in the convenience and portability of a hand pipe.

Bubblers are great on the go, offering no frills, all-in-one pieces without the hassle of extra accessories and bowls.

Plus, a bubbler is versatile and can just as easily function as a dry pipe (all you have to do is not add water!)

So how did we decide on the best bubblers?  When shopping for a bubbler, most of our customers are considering:

  • Filtration: How is the bubbler diffusing smoke? What type of perc does it have?
  • Style: Bubblers come in several styles, from a hammer bubbler to a sherlock bubbler and plenty of variations in between.
  • Bowl size: Does the bowl depth and shape appeal to your consumption habits?

We listened to what customers had to say about their bubbler selections and curated a list of Smoke Cartel's best bubblers. From hundreds of different bubbler candidates, we found the 10 best bubblers of the year that feature great bowl sizes, a variety of the most popular styles and offer a diversity of colors showcasing the best glass.

Happy smoking!


2018 Top 10 Bubblers

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