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The Best Bongs in 2024

Posted by Nicholas Entzel on

If you, like us, love smoking with a bong, that's awesome! As you might already know, bongs provide a filtration system that delivers smooth, cooled hits, and you can take monster rips!

No more coughing your lungs out smoking joints or from a short hand pipe where the fiery smoke from the dry herb travels only a short distance and goes right into your lungs, wreaking havoc.

Instead, the smoke travels through the downstem, probably through a diffuser, and then gets cooled by water and better yet, ice cubes! By the time it gets into your lungs, the smoke is cooled, filtered, and oh-so-tasty.

Your bong is a deeply personal preference, and all bong lovers know how much of an impact the right one can significantly elevate the pleasure you get from smoking sessions. In this blog post, we'll share some of our personal favorites as well as our bestsellers and hopefully help you choose your next smoking companion.

Factors to Consider in a Bong

Are you looking for a new bong? Consider these factors.


An oldie but a goodie, the most popular material remains glass. The best glass bongs are aesthetically pleasing and versatile and can give you the most flavorful, smooth hits. However, nothing is perfect, and one thing everyone knows about glass is that it breaks.

That's why you'll need high-quality glass for maximum durability and performance. The thicker the glass, the less fragile your bong will be.

Improvements in cannabis technology in recent years have also seen an increase in other types of bongs, such as heat-resistant silicone, acrylic, and ceramic. Silicone bongs are practically indestructible, but the mouthpiece is often made of glass.

Ceramic bongs are more durable than glass, but they can also break. In addition, many smokers report that the hits are not as flavorful as those made from glass bongs.

Design and Features

The year is 2024, and gone are the days of homemade bongs from soda bottles! These days, bongs can come with all the bells and whistles like percolators, ice catchers, innovative diffusers for better water filtration and smoother hits, and customizable parts to suit your functionality needs.

There are even top-end gravity bongs that utilize airflow technology and the physics behind water displacement, offering you the biggest rips you can handle.


The bong market is competitive, but certain brands have been cast into the limelight as leading manufacturers. Choose a reputable brand with loads of excellent reviews, or check out our guide on the best bong brands to start.


If you intend to take your bong around with you, you might want to consider a smaller bong and leave the long-necked or intricate one at home. While a full-sized bong is nice, a mini bong might work fine if portability is a priority.


Bongs can be $20, or they can cost upwards of $500! Consider what you're willing to spend and the features you are looking for, then make a calculated bong choice.

Check out the best bongs for under $100 if your budget is tight. Cheap doesn't mean inferior, though, and many of these affordable bongs are simply high-quality, no-frills pieces that often suit beginners.

The 10 Best Bongs in 2024

Marley Naturals Smoked Glass Water Pipe

Made by Marley Naturals, this hand-blown beaker bong has a thick, sturdy base, eight-slit percolator stem, ice notches, and a spacious chamber.

You also have several upgrade options, like an indestructible aluminum bowl or adding a banger.

Cheech & Chong "The Cheech" Water Bong

This water bong is a tribute to the legendary stoner duo Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong, made for the 40th anniversary of their renowned movie, Up in Smoke.

Featuring premium borosilicate glass, a diffuser downstream, and a bell beaker base, it stands 12 inches tall and has a curved neck and matching herb bowl.

Dopezilla Chimera Water Pipe

The Dopezilla Chimera comes in three colors and two sizes: 8 inches and 12 inches. This water pipe comes with a straight neck and flared mouthpiece for optimal comfort, and it features a downstem with a 14.5mm matching bowl with a handle to keep your fingers safe.

Famous X Straight Tube Water Pipe

Made with 4mm borosilicate glass, this no-nonsense, solid water pipe is the picture of strength and simplicity combined. Standing 12 inches tall, it features a 14.5mm bowl, ice notches, and a slitted diffuser downstem for optimal filtration.

Like the Dopezilla piece, this one has a handle on the bowl to keep your hands cool and can double up as a roll-stopper.

16" 7mm Straight Tube Water Pipe

This long-necked straight tube pipe by Rebel Initiates Glassworks measures 16 inches tall and is made with 7mm thick borosilicate glass. It has a submerged triple-slitted downstem and 14.5mm bowl with a 45 degree joint.

If beaker bongs are more your thing, the same manufacturer has a similar product, the 16-inch Beaker Water Pipe. The beaker bong and straight tube bong are two iconic, timeless designs that never get old.

Canadian manufacturer Rebel Initiates Glassworks doesn't seem to change that, only to perfect that, and each product is professionally hand-blown.

Jellyfish 3-in-1 Silicone Beaker Bong with Ashcatcher

Made of durable silicone, the Jellyfish Silicone Bong has an ash catcher to prevent the yucky ash from getting into the bong water. It also has a mid-glass percolation chamber, and the ash catcher doubles as a bubbler, hence the "3-in-1"!

It stands 4 inches tall with a 14.5mm bowl, and the whole thing comes apart so you can easily clean it.

Freeze Pipe Standard Bong

Freeze Pipe's 16-inch Standard Bong uses frozen glycerin coils to cool the smoke instead of ice. All your hits will be refreshingly cool and smooth!

All you have to do is pop the coils into the freezer before your smoking sesh and when you're ready, place the frozen coils in place and add some water. When you take a rip, the smoke is cooled through the glycerin chamber before it reaches your lungs.

This bong features a 90-degree joint with a matching bowl and downstem perc.

Glasscity Beaker Ice Bong

The Glasscity Bong is a classic, timeless bong that stands 10 inches tall with a 14.5mm bowl. It features an inside-cut diffuser downstem, ice notches, and a 10mm herb bowl with a handle. You also get a black keck flip to secure the downstem in place.

Cookies x Stündenglass Gravity Infuser

Talk about high-end! The only gravity bong that made it on our list, the Gravity Infuser is a collaboration between Bay Area rapper and entrepreneur Berner and legendary accessory maker Stündenglass.

The Ferrari of all bongs, this one has a 360-degree rotating glass infuser that uses the physics behind water displacement, airflow technology, and, of course, the force of gravity to give you giant monster rips that will hit you like a wrecking ball.

The piece is fully customizable and made with the highest quality materials, like aircraft-grade anodized aluminum. The set includes a hookah bowl kit and glass bowl. You can connect the Gravity Infuser to any smoking or vaping device with a 14.5mm joint.

Also included is a 3-ft silicone hose that you can draw from for a steady stream of smoke through the 45-degree mouthpiece.

Elegance, performance, and power all come together in this once-in-a-lifetime bong. Of course, be prepared to pay for quality, but once in a while, isn't it nice to treat yourself?

Prism Halo Tie Dye Double Stack Modular Bong

Want a 70's vibe? This tie dye double stack bong by Prism Halo measures 20 inches tall, and the modular design means you can remove all the parts for easy cleaning or transport.

It features two tie-dye connectors, adding a splash of color to the long, straight tube. It comes with a clear tree percolator, downstem, and 14.5mm herb bowl that has a handle.

Buy the Best Bongs Online at Smoke Cartel

Still didn't find what you are looking for? Fret not. In addition to an extensive selection of bongs, Smoke Cartel is your one-stop-headshop for cannabis accessories.

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