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Top 4/20 Bong Deals

Okay, but really, is there a way to celebrate 4/20 without a bong? We are a head shop, we love all smoking tools and accessories, but damn, nothing can replace...

By Smoke Cartel

1 Minute Read


Why Is Borosilicate Glass Best For Bongs?

Borosilicate glass bongs are very popular these days, and there are some good reasons for that. However what exactly are boro glass bongs, and why are they so much better?...

By Smoke Cartel

3 Minute Read


How Does A Bong Work?

So you've been wondering why bongs pack such a punch . . .

By Smoke Cartel

4 Minute Read


Percolators 101: Perc Bongs to Know

Get to know best-selling percolators with this simple guide to inline percs, tree percs, matrix percs, and more!

By Smoke Cartel

5 Minute Read

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