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Percolators 101: Perc Bongs to Know

Get to know best-selling percolators with this simple guide to inline percs, tree percs, matrix percs, and more!

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 When you rip a bong, the point is to make each inhale smooth and highly enjoyable. A percolator aids this process by cooling it down with extra diffusion. All perc bongs are primarily used for the same purpose, however, different type of percs are bound to have a slightly different aesthetic and amount of resistance. 

1. Inline Percolator:

Inline Perc Bong - UPC Water Pipe

Inline percs are horizontal tubes with multiple slits. The basic idea behind this is that the more slits that a percolator has, the more percolation it will generate. This percolator bong creates an immensely powerful and diffused hit, which is why it's a go-to for most glass collectors. This 10-incher combines a tree perc and inline perc for a powerful daily driver.

2. Propeller Percolator:

This kind of percolator is unique. Air is forced through the angular holes and force the propeller blade to actually spin in the water! This is a creative percolator that looks graceful as it spins. The smoke is ejected through the water and thereby, is filtered and cooled. Their sleek design helps them to filter more smoke rapidly as compared to any other percolator. Shop all propeller percs.

3. Faberge Egg Percolator:  

These are similar to Swiss percolators which are primarily flat sections of glass with large holes; exactly like Swiss cheese. One of the most expensive percolators, it is also the coolest. Faberge egg percolators are indeed sturdy and they make the process of cleaning the bong very easy compared to percs with smaller holes. This also makes them preferred for dabbers, since sticky concentrates are less likely to cause a clog on a fab egg or Swiss perc. Take a peak at a Sesh Supply Fab Egg Dab Rig.

4. Tree Percolator:

This is the widest known and one of the most effective percolators in the market. It is indeed of high quality and yes, it works great. They are affordable and can be found on wide variety of bongs and dab rigs. And did we mention that they are great at filtration? Tree percs vary in the number of "branches" - or arms - that smoke works its way through. 

5. Honeycomb Percolator:

These are small discs that are easy to make and take up very little space. Many say these are the most efficient perc bongs. Like other percs, these are often seen in stacks of two or three honeycomb percs. Shop honeycomb percs.

6. Matrix Percolator:

The overall look of this aesthetic is quite pleasing, much like its sister perc, the stereo matrix. The crystal-like look offers both thorough diffusion and a cool vibe while it's sitting on your coffee table.

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