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Why Is Borosilicate Glass Best For Bongs?

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Borosilicate glass bongs are very popular these days, and there are some good reasons for that. However what exactly are boro glass bongs, and why are they so much better?

The two main reasons: it can handle high temperatures without cracking and is more durable against breakage.

There are numerous good reasons to make bongs from borosilicate glass rather than the "regular" glass or soft glass. Most importantly, borosilicate glass bongs are stronger and more long-lasting than ordinary glass bongs. If you are using your bong a lot, it's good to know that your bong can easily last for a lot of years.

But there's more; perhaps the most essential reason to use silicate glass for producing bongs, is that it is much more resistant to high temperatures and thermal shock (temprature changes quickly). So it won't break from high heat, and it won't break if you rinse it with hot water. One more advantage of borosilicate glass is that it has a high resistance to corrosion; which makes sure that your bong remains crystal and clear, shining like new.

Borosilicate glass is easier to clean than soft glass bongs thanks to their smoother, unpenetrable surface. This also makes it very unlikely for the glass to chip.

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