How To Dab Without Wasting Concentrates

Good to the last drop. Discover how to dab so no concentrates go to waste.

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Whether you're new to the extracts or the King of Concentrates, we've made a list of tips and tricks to help you get out.

Dab Nails

The most important factor in application is the temperature of the nail. Warm movements can make even the most primitive taste of distillates like nutrition soup.

When it comes to rinse, keep it cold. Use a torch and warm the nail or nail until it is red. Then wait 30 to 60 seconds, depending on the thickness of the nail, to cool. If you have electronic nails, set the temperature between 400 and 600 ° F.

Flames and Remnants

It is quite normal for the oil to remain on the nails after low temperatures. If your smell is burning completely, it's too hot.

Too much oil left? Not enough excitement? Take one or two seconds off your wait time so that your herbs are good to the last drop.

Dab Tools and Carb Caps

Depending on whom you are wondering, some say they only use metal tools on titanium nails and glass quartz glassware. We say: do what you want, but be careful when mixing high temperatures and fragile tools. Regardless of your wishes, make sure to use a carb tool to send every wisp of concentrate vapor into your water pipe.

Q-Tips Cotton Swabs for Dabbing - How to Clean Your Dab Rig

ISO Wipes

Clean the nail immediately after application. It not only keeps your platform intact, but also means that smaller bits later burn out the rest. Although you can use any type of cotton sticks, we recommend the ErrlyBird Tip Tech black cotton wool.

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