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Convection vs. Conduction Vaporizers: What's the Difference?

Posted by Smoke Cartel on

Are you new to vaping? It can get awesome when you first dip your toes into vape kits because there is so much to absorb.

At that point, you also have to think about convection or conduction vaporizers. The method the vaporizer uses to heat the ingredients can enormously modify the quality vaping experience.

Not sure which one works perfectly for you? Here’s an in-depth dive about convection vs conduction vaporizers and how they work.

Conduction vs. Convection in Vaporizers

Conduction and convection are the two most general heating-styles in vaporizers. The conduction means heating by direct contact with a heat source. And the convection means heating material with heated air blown through a heating element. So what does this mean for vaporizers?

How Convection Works in Vaporizers

Conduction generally allows for more accurate temperature control. The amount of the heat waves can be decreased or increased with the touch of a button, and the resulting change is nearly instant. Popular vaporizers like the Volcano use convection heating.

One more advantage is that it helps to avoid combustion. The point of using a vaporizer is that it does not combust the product into smoke. Combustion produces toxins.

In many vaporizers, the heating component is separated from the material's heating chamber. This makes sure that the material in the chamber is not burnt and vaporization occurs by very controlled means. The device lasts longer because the heating component does not touch anything else, and the material being vaped lasts longer because they are being heated evenly.

How Conduction Works in Vaporizers

Conduction can be inconsistent in the way it vaporizes. But state-of-the-art technology have allowed for greater precision and control with conduction methods. Now vaporizers like the Magic Flight Box can use conduction to create vapor.

For those vaporizers that do make use of conduction methods, the general way they do so is by heating a small screen on which the product lays. This directly heats the materials to be vaporised and creates fast vaporisation with very clear and effective results.

Drawback to using this method though, even in new devices that control the heat perfectly, is that the screen and surrounding vaporiser need to be cleaned often. Many times the material to be vaporised will melt onto the screen or other convection item and not vaporise off completely. Regular cleaning is required to keep the vapour from smelling unpleasant and to keep the device working properly.

Which One Is Better?

With state-of-the-art technology can make both methods work well, the choice between the two methods is necessarily one of personal preference. While it takes more work to keep conduction-style vaporizers clean, they also produce a vapor that is stronger than convection methods can done. But users often note that their vaporizers can get quite hot when using the conduction method.

That is correct of conduction-style vapes as well. It is a matter of protection and what materials you can put inside the devices that defines how hot they become to the touch. Both the  vapes can experience from many of the same problems and enjoy many of the same benefits.

One thing every vaper should note that the methods for using both kinds of vapes will be different. If you use a conduction vape, you might need to grind the weed very fine to get the best vaping experience. Fine grinding is not as crucial for convection-style vapes as the heat flows around the materials and heats them on all sides evenly.

Those who have been using vaporizers for a while might prefer convection-style vapes for their better taste. Still, not every vape that is a convection type will offer the same experience.

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