Top 4/20 Bong Deals

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Okay, but really, is there a way to celebrate 4/20 without a bong? We are a head shop, we love all smoking tools and accessories, but damn, nothing can replace the feeling off loading, torching and hitting a fine glass piece. 

We strongly believe bongs should have the same worth for this holiday as trees have for arbor day. Bongs have been around for decades, and still have an icon status among stoners for their ease of use, powerful hits, filtration options and cool looks. 

Not sure if you got it yet - we really, really like bongs here. That’s why we’re constantly searching for new, better ones to list in our shop. Whether it is a premium scientific piece with a reinforced joint and an impressive filtration system, a ridiculous bubbler shaped as a mushroom, or a silicone piece that can be pushed in virtually anything, we love it, and we want to have it.

And this 4/20, you can benefit from our unhealthy bong obsession, because you’ll find tons of them on discount. We don’t want you to give up on hitting a new bong to celebrate just because you don’t have cash. The year isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t treat ourselves. We always have bongs for all budgets, but for 420 we make sure you can get something better than you usually could.

So, get a beauty you can’t stop looking at, stare awkwardly through your window until the box arrives, open it, load it, hit it on 4/20, and fly away into a more peaceful, happier place at least for one day. 

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